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My General Hospital Appreciation Page

vistors have been to
My General Hospital Appreciation Page
since 17 Oct 1999.

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General Hospital Photo Gallery

I was first introduced to "General Hospital"
in about 1978 by my great-grandmother.
I love the stories, characters and actors
who make the fictional city of
Port Charles, NY come to life.

Here are a few places on the web
where you can find the magic
that is "General Hospital."

General Hospital RPG Club (Yahoo!)

The Official Story Archive

Member Survey

Current Cast List

Available Characters Suggestions

General Hospital Sites

ABC's General Hospital Page
Port Charles Online
General Hospital Online
GH Memory Society
WheelyGirl's General Hospital Hangout

Character Pages

Ned Ashton & Alexis Davis
Sonny Corinthos
Jasper "Jax" Jacks
Jax's Penthouse
Jason Morgan & Robin Scorpio
Robin Scorpio
The Scorpio Family

GH Actor and Alumni Pages

George Alvarez
Tyler Christopher
Genie Frances
The Anthony Geary Webpage
Nancy Lee Grahn
Ron Hale
Jonathan Jackson
Brad Maule
Ingo Rademacher
Tristan Rogers
Tava Smiley
Rick Springfield
Julian Stone
Jack Wagner
Jack & Kristina Wagner

Roleplaying Sites

General Hospital RPG (Yahoo!)
GH Roleplaying Club (Yahoo!)
GH's Outback RPG (Yahoo!>
GH 4Ever RPG (Yahoo!)
Chloe's GH Club (Yahoo!)
GH's role playing and nl (Yahoo!)
Port Charles--The Next Generation

Fan Fiction

Allison's GH Fan Fiction
The Cassadine Guardian Angels Website
Every Heart Needs A Home (A Jax Story)
GH Fan Fiction
GH Fan Fiction Castle
GH Pages--The Fan Fics
The Gate
The Jax Fan Fiction Page
Kim's GH/Ned/Alexis Page
Marti and Suzi's GH Fan Fiction
Rademacher Round Robin
Ultimate GH Fan Fiction Page
VMGA Fan Fiction
Welcome to Wyndemere
Jessie's General Hospital Fan Fiction Site

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