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About Us

The King Of Pop Fanatics are an non-profit organization of die-hard Michael Jackson fan groups located throughout the world!

The King Of Pop Fanatics originally started as a local California fan group created by Donna Green in August 1998. The local group started with only 10 members and now has grown to over 100+ members strong!

The group was created with the purpose of bringing local Los Angeles area fans closer together to create an MJ fan "family" atmosphere. In the first six months of our existance, the group was even acknowleged by Michael himself with a personal thank-you phone call from him to leader, Donna Green!

Although the Los Angeles group was formed for local southern California fans, we have gotten MANY requests from fans from all over the entire world to join the group! With that in mind, we realized there was a need for fans to have "Fanatics" groups in their own areas, abling them to unite with MJ fans in their own towns!

In June 1999, after a lot of planning and organizing, The King Of Pop Fanatics International Fan Groups organization was born!

What Is Our Purpose?

Our purpose is to unite all Michael Jackson fans by forming "King Of Pop Fanatics" fan groups in major cities throughout the world!

It's our mission to give the fans a place where they can share their love for Michael and meet other fans who feel the same their own cities!

Although ALL groups are united as one organization, individual groups will conduct their own various MJ-themed activities, events, get-togethers, meetings and support rallies! From time to time ALL groups will be working together on various MJ projects and events!

Support For MJ!

One of our top priorities, as a united, international fan organization, is to publically support MJ!!!

For many years, since the horrible and false allegations, Michael has seemed to dissappear from public view. It seems the only time we hear about Michael is when the press, tabloids, and media speculate on false rumors and accusations!

It's time to make a change and the only way we can do this is if we all unite together and show public support to MJ!!!

Let's all unite together and show the media, tabloids, and press that we are not going to take their garbage anymore! Let's prove them wrong! Let's show them that Michael STILL and ALWAYS HAS BEEN LOVED by his millions of fans throughout the entire world!!

It's very important that we start showing support to MJ in public! When you have group get-togethers, ect....wear MJ shirts! If a television talk show host (such as Jay Leno) makes an insulting MJ remark....write protest letters! If MJ makes an appearance in your home town.....gather up all the fans you can with banners and signs and go show him your support!!! Little things like this CAN make a difference!

If we, the fans, want more MJ, than WE need to show him our support! It's time to stop complaining and stop being "closet fans"! LET'S MAKE SOME NOISE!!! Let's show Michael that his fans around the world love & support him very much!!!!! Together, we can do it! Let's make that change, and lets make it NOW!!!!!

Our Staff

If you would like further information on our organization, or have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

KOPF Founder & President:Donna Green

KOPF Assistant: Farah Pajusheshfar