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My Personal Pictures Page 2

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Jacksons & Stars We've Met

Heather & Friends With MJ
In Hawaii 1997, MJ called Heather to his van
to meet with him! Lucky kids, huh?!

Heather With TJ & Taryll
In Hawaii 1997 at Planet Hollywood

Heather & Taryll At Planet Hollywood
After this pic was taken, Taryll invited Heather
to join him & TJ at their table! Sweet guys! 1997

Heather & Brian With TJ At Neverland
While at Neverland, TJ was kind enough
to come over to chat. 2000

With Randy At Neverland
Brian, Heather, & Donna With Randy 2000

TJ At Neverland
TJ is so down to earth, and a cutie too! 2000

Heather & Brian With Taj
At The Klumps movie premiere
at Universal Studios 2000

With Frankie Munez
At The Klumps movie premiere
at Universal Studios 2000

Heather & Brian With Drew Barrymoore
At Liz Taylor Birthday Celebration 1997

Rebecca & Donna With Rodney Jerkins
In NYC 2001

Heather & TJ At MJ Concert In Hawaii
Heather was so happy, she was crying! 1997

Erik Of O-Town
While at the MJ concert in NY 2001
Erik was kind enough to call Heather
on my cell phone!

*MJ Friends & Group Pic's Coming Soon!*

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