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Motels In Buellton & Solvang

The following is a list of motels in Buellton & Solvang. For those of you who are not familiar with the area, Buellton and Solvang are very quiet, peaceful, beautiful, smog-free, small towns in the Santa Ynez Vally. The towns are only a mile away from each other and are just minutes away from Los Olivos.

We will be holding our party at Federico's Mexican Restaurant which is located in Buellton. For easier convenience, you may want to make reservatations for a motel in Buellton. Solvang is also a good choice, as its a lovely Danish tourist town with quaint shops & bakeries, only minutes away from Buellton. Whether you choose to stay in Buellton or Solvang, you can be assured that you are only minutes away from the party & from Los Olivos.

Please be advise that you must make your own motel reservations. The party is on Saturday, August 31st, so if if you would like to stay the entire weekend you would make reservations for August 30th & 31st.

>>>>Please be advised to book your room ASAP as this is Labor Day weekend
and rooms will sell out fast!

Motel List

Motel 6 (This is where a lot of us will be staying, so check here first!)
333 Mc Murray Rd, Buellton CA.
Rates: $69-$79 per night (805) 688-7797

Best Western-Pea Soup Andersens
State HWY 246, Buellton, CA.
Rates: $119 per night
(805) 688-3216

Days Inn Windmill
114 E. HWY 246, Buellton CA.
Rates: $119 per night
(805) 688-8448

Econo Lodge
630 Avenue Of The Flags, Buellton CA>
Rates: $109-$119 per night
(805) 688-0022

The Marriot Hotel (Full Service Hotel)
555 Mc Murray Rd, Buellton CA.
Rates: $179-$199 per night
(805) 688-1000

Danish Country Inn
1455 Mission Dr, Solvang CA.
Rates: $169-$179 per night
(805) 688-2018

Three Crowns Inn
1518 Mission Dr, Solvang CA.
Rates: $95 per night
(805) 688-4702

Best Western-King Frederik
1617 Copenhagen Dr, Solvang CA.
Rates: $79-$119 per night
(805) 688-5515

Royal Copenhagen
1579 Mission Dr, Solvang Ca.
Rates: $105-$125 per night
(805) 688-5561

Best Western-Kronberg Inn
1440 Mission Dr, Solvang CA.
Rates: $139-$149 per night (805) 688-2383

The Royal Scandinavian Inn (Full Service Hotel)
400 Alisal Rd, Solvang CA.
Rates: $164-$169 per night
(805) 688-8000

If you are looking to share transportation & rooms with other MJ fans, please post your request on our Fan Events Buelltin Board!

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