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Our Christmas Message To Michael

KOP Fanatics Christmas Message To Michael
(Sorry, some of the script text on the ad is hard to read in this picture,
however, its much clearer in the actual newspaper :)

This Christmas our King Of Pop Fanatics United States Fan Groups members wanted to send Michael a special holiday greeting expressing our love and support to him, Prince & Paris. So, we decided to place a special Christmas message to him in the Santa Ynez newspaper! The ad was placed on page A8 and ran on Thursday, December 21, 2000.

The ad, shown above, was financially funded by the following members of our Fanatics organization listed below. My deepest thanks and appreciation to each and every member who made a financial contribution to our special Christmas ad message. Its members like you who help show love & support to our organization and, especially, to Michael! I thank you all so much for your active supportive & participation! Like our group organization motto says, "Dont just say youre a fan...get out there and show it!", together we are helping to prove that we are die-hard AMERICAN King Of Pop Fanatics who are proud to publicaly support Michael!!!!! My deepest gratitude to you all!

With All My Love & Gratitude,
Donna Green
President/King Of Pop Fanatics United States Fan Groups

*Please Note* Its not yet known if Michael saw the ad in the paper, as I dont think he was home during the holidays, however, a copy will be sent to MJJ Productions and to Neverland! So, rest assured, if he hasnt seen it already, he eventually will! :)

Members Who Contributed To The Christmas Ad:

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