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42 Years Of Michaelmania:
Photo Gallery
Part 2

*Click On Thumbnails To See Larger Version Of Picture's*

Donna Green at party cake table.

Rebecca (left) and Donna (right) awarding Miko (center) her prize for the MJ seek n find!

Rebecca (left) and Donna (right) awarding Sheree (center) her prize for the MJ trivia!

Rebecca (left) and Donna (center) awarding Rachel right) her MJ word scrambler prize!

Candid shot of group intensly trying to figure out the MJ lyrics game.

LA Fanatics Awards
Left to Right: Lisette, Elen, Agnes, Donna, Sheree, Susan and Heather. Sitting in front: Brain.

Rebecca (left and Donna (right) with New York City KoP Leader, Danee (center).

Close-up of the birthday card we had fans sign for Michael at his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on August 29th. (Sorry, its blurry)

Elen, Lisette, Rebecca, Donna & Guy at Michaels star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

*Group Shot*
LA KoP Fanatics at Michaels star with banners & birthday card.

Rebecca & Donna with the Kop Fanatics birthday card for Michael.

One last group shot before our day ended!
Happy Birthday, Michael!
We love YOU more!

I am very proud & honored to let all of you know that Michael contacted me and my family on September 6th, 2000. Michael received both birthday cards from both our celebration party and from the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. He wanted me to convey his sincere gratitude to each of you for all of your wonderful gifts! He was especially very touched by all the wonderful birthday messages from fans around the world that were written on the birthday card on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame! He truly appreciates our support and he loves us very much!

You're very welcome, Michael! Like I always tell you...WE LOVE YOU MORE!!

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