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42 Years Of Michaelmania:
Photo Gallery

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Donna, Rebecca, BJ, & Guy at breakfast.

From Left-Right: Rachel, Heather Green, Guy, Heather Folk, Danee, Brian & Sheree.

Group shot at breakfast anticipating our trip ahead to the gates of NEVERLAND!

Juliet from Texas & her boyfriend, Michael.

BJ Brasier with a cool drawing he made for Michael!

Juliet, Rebecca & Janna with a cool dude! (Brian Green) *LOL*

Pooh dressed as Michael!
(A gift to MJ from the LA King Of Pop Fanatics)

Pooh At the gates of Neverland with the birthday card we left Michael.

Group shot at the gates of Neverland with all our banners, balloons, & gifts for Michael.

Some of the LA Fanatics with a special t-shirt message for Michael! Get the hint, Michael? *LOL*

The Official King Of Pop Fanatics Banner made by president, Donna Green.

Close-up of our celebration cake. The collage was made by Rebecca, and Donna added the finishing touches. We had identicle cakes; one especially given to Michael, and the other for our celebration party!

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