Make Invincible Visible Campaign!
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KOPF, MJFC & TMC's Official Statement Regarding The 'Invincible' Campaign

Invincible Over the past several months, rumors have been circulating through the press and the Internet that there has been an on-going rift between Michael Jackson and Sony Music Entertainment. From the beginning of the promotion, things just weren't on track. The lead single from 'Invincible' being leaked to radio mysteriously, the delay in the album's first short film, and several high profile appearances on Michael's part to promote the project before fading into the background left many wondering what was going on. Despite all of this, Michael and Sony Music together managed to sell 5 million copies worldwide spawning two Top 20 singles from this effort.

For more than 25 years, Sony Music has vigorously promoted Michael Jackson's musical vision and stood behind him when it seemed that the rest of the world was against him. Now six months into the promotion of 'Invincible,' Sony has decided that this project is no longer a priority. Why has Sony decided to take such a stance? We really can't say as we are not privileged to this information, but would like to make it known that The King Of Pop Fanatics (KOPF), The Michael Jackson Fan Club (MJFC) and The Magical Child (TMC) stand behind Michael Jackson 100% in his time of need. With members from around the world, KOPF, MJFC and TMC have supported Michael since their inception.

This whole ordeal has been very stressful and devastating not only for Michael, but also for his fans as we are always by his side to show our love and support. With that said, we would like to provide Michael's fans with a way to show their love and support for a man that has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives through his music and his humanitarian efforts. Right now we realize that there is an abundant amount of information on the Internet to support Michael in one way or another. What we at KOPF, MJFC & TMC would like to do is to offer to you, THE FANS, several alternative ways in which you can respectfully represent Michael and show Sony that Michael's fans truly are INVINCIBLE!

Some of the many ways in which fans can support Michael Jackson is by doing one or all of the actions listed below:

  • Purchase an additional copy of 'Invincible' - By going out to your local record store and purchasing an additional copy of 'Invincible' you would be increasing sales of the CD and actively creating awareness of the disc to others. The purchasing of an additional copy of the CD or cassette doesn't necessarily have to be for you, but if you know of someone, a friend or a family member who truly loves good music, why not give them the gift of 'Invincible.' Once enough people listen to this CD and like what they hear, it could very well create a buzz and generate new interest in the CD once more.
  • Write Sony Music Entertainment - Another very good way to show Sony that there is an interest in this album is by composing a letter and expressing your sentiments in a very unbiased, balanced and sensible fashion. KOPF, MJFC and TMC would like to suggest that you please refrain from personal attacks and foul or vulgar language as this will only be viewed as a negative reflection on Michael Jackson and his fans, which would defeat the purpose behind this action. Be direct, articulately stating your points and most importantly keep a kind, mild tone in your letters. If you choose to compose a letter to Sony Music, they can be reached at:

    Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
    c/o Michelle Schweitzer
    550 Madison Avenue
    New York, NY 10022
    KOPF, MJFC and TMC would like to stress that we are in no way endorsing any person(s) or the content of any individual(s) who write to Sony, but we are making this information available to you as a tool to help Michael in a productive and positive way.

    We also would like to encourage fans to forward copies of their letters to Sony along to MJFC and we will post select ones onto the MJFC web site. Just send your letters to Now it will not be possible to post everyone's letters, but we will try and post as many as we can as a tool of reference for others to view.
    If you would like to view some of the letters fans have addressed to Sony, please take a look at the Defending Invincible page of the section The Fans.

  • Request Michael's music at local radio - Another effective tool is to call, e-mail and fax your local radio stations and request Michael's music. For example 'Heaven Can Wait' is still doing relatively well at urban formatted radio stations in the USA, and even charted on Billboard's Hot 100 Hip-Hop/R&B Charts at #72. Why not request this song? It may force Sony's hand to actually do something in regards to the interest of this single. Remember this is also what happened with 'Butterflies.'
    And for those fans in Europe, 'Unbreakable' has been played on various radio stations, so why not call and request this single? Also, when you hear a radio station playing MJ music, why not call them up and thank them for supporting Michael and his music. It's worth a shot and you haven't lost anything in the process.

Our actions may not prompt Sony to reissue or further promote 'Invincible,' but it will demonstrate to Sony and the world that Michael Jackson's fans are a force to be reckoned with and that we stand united behind Michael 'whatever happens'. If not us, who? If not now, when?

Thank you for your time and we hope that we have offered you some helpful information that you can use in supporting Michael in his time of need.

The King Of Pop Fanatics, Michael Jackson Fan Club & The Magical Child