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Look Within . . .

I'll just love you from afar
for the person that you are
you are so beautiful to me
your music sets me free

you have enemies at your door
you try your best to ignore
don't listen to their lies
they only want to scrutinize

It is hard to fall asleep
when we know inside you weep
I wish I could soothe your soul
then you would really know

your fans are your friends
with a helping hand to lend
pull you up from the pit
where the press wants you to sit

but to me you are the king
as I listen to you sing
you have fans around the globe
who would come to you in groves
the same message they pursue
they can hear it from you too

you give so many hope
and your music helps to cope
some people don't see from within
they see only the news and that's a sin

© Mary Scott

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