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The King Of Pop Fanatics Wish To Give Very Special Thanks To The Following People For Their Support:

Mr. Stuart Backerman (You treat the fans with such respect!), MJJ Productions, Felicia Ferris, Evvy Tavasci, Narcisse, Katherine & Joseph Jackson (without you both there would be no Michael......THANK YOU FOR THE CONCEPTION OF THE SWEETEST MAN IN THE WORLD-Your son, Michael Joseph Jackson!), Jermaine Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Elizabeth DeBenedetto, Futurist Entertainment, "AH" aka "Big Santa", Todd, Gayle, Curtis, Nathan at Federico's, Newsweek, The Las Vegas Review Journal, CNN & The Jimmy Kimmel Show for letting me (Donna Green) support Michael on your shows on behalf of our club, and last, but not least, the wonderful, caring, and nicest man on this planet...
MR. MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON.......we love you for the great entertainment you have given us/your fans throughout the years, but, we especially thank you for being the sweetest, kindest, sincere, gentlest, generous, loving and most giving human being on the planet!! If only the rest of the world could could erase their ignorance and see you through OUR eyes! We love you unconditionally and WE WILL ALWAYS STAND BY YOU, no matter what! WE LOVE YOU MORE!! XXOOXXOOXXOO

Each and every one of you listed above have been very thoughtful and generous to our fan group organization. We thank each of you for your generousity & kindness. We love and appreciate you all for your inspiration and for everything you have done for us!

Special thanks to Ms. Elizabeth Taylor: Thank you for ALWAYS publically supporting Michael in the media! Too many of Michael's celebrity friends are too afraid to speak up & support him publically due to possible backlash in their careers. We find this a shame & outrage! Thank you, Elizabeth, for not giving a damn what others think by supporting Michael, unconditionally, no matter what anyone thinks!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

And to each of our group leaders: We want to thank you for your enthusiasm, hard work, support, and dedication. Together we will help bring Michael Jackson fan's together in our never ending support for the one and only, King Of Pop!

With Love & Gratitude,

Donna Green
King Of Pop Fanatics International Fan Groups