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Global Album Release Camp-Out!

Attention All MJ Fan Clubs/Groups:

The King Of Pop Fanatics California fan group would like to invite all Michael Jackson fan clubs and fan groups around the world (both big & small!) to unite in our love and support for Michael by joining us for a world-wide album release camp-out!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Donna Green and I am the founder and leader of the King Of Pop Fanatics California Fan Group.

For many years the die-hard MJ fans here in Los Angeles have had a long-time tradition of "camping-out" in front of Tower Records in Hollywood in anticipation of the album release at midnight. Fans usually start gathering outside the record store early in the afternoon. As it comes closer to midnight, there are usually hundreds of fans forming a line waiting to buy the album. At past album release's the local TV media and newspapers have even filmed the crowds and featured it as a top story on the evening news.

Now, wouldnt it be great if ALL the MJ fan clubs/groups around the world would come together and unite for just one day to show world-wide support to Michael by having a Global Album Release Camp-Out????!!!!!!! Just think of how happy it would make Michael to see his fans come together in support of his new highly anticipated album!!! Wouldnt it be wonderful if the news all over the world reported that hundreds, thousands, even millions, of fans were eagerly waiting outside of record stores throughout the world waiting to buy Michaels album???!!!!!

The King Of Pop Fanatics Challenge YOU!

Come on!!! What do you say??? Lets make this an album release Michael will never forget! Lets show the media and tabloids that the fans still and always will love Michael!! LETS SHOW THE WORLD THAT MICHAEL JACKSON IS STILL, AND FOREVER WILL BE, THE ONE & ONLY KING OF POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's The Plan For Uniting:

I will soon have a website especially made for this global event. The site will include the date, locations, times, and special instructions of each planned camp-out world-wide. The names and a link to each fan club or group participating will also be included. To make this work we will also need each fan club/group participating to put a link to the Global Album Release Camp-Out website on their own club website. (I will also be providing a banner picture link to the Global Release Camp-Out for those wishing to use it). Visitors to the Global Album Release Camp-Out website will be able to find the location closest to them in their own country/city that will be having an album release camp-out. After the album is released the website will include any reports and pictures that your club or group may want to include!

Here's The Plan For Each Camp-Out:

Each club or group will pick one major record store in their nearest major city. For instance, the King Of Pop Fanatics will be camping-out at Tower Records in Hollywood, California. Hollywood is a major city and a good central location for all fans in Southern California to meet. Try to choose one central location in the largest major city in your area. Larger fan clubs/groups may want to choose several major locations in broader areas.

Set up a time in which you want to start forming a line. For instance, the King Of Pop Fanatics will be forming a line at 12:00 noon. Ask ALL fans participating to wear MJ t-shirts and bring MJ signs and banners!!!! As hours pass by and the line forms to a huge crowd of fans...CALL THE LOCAL NEWS MEDIA!!!!!!!! Tell the news media that there is a huge crowd of MJ fans at the location and that they might want to come out and cover a story about it!!! This is VERY IMPORTANT so that Michael will get good, positive press!!!! When fans here in California camped-out for HIStory, it made all the local news papers, TV news programs, as well as E! and Entertainment Tonight!!!!!!

So, what do you say?! Are you willing to join us in this very special, global event?! Are you ready to show the press and media that Michael is still the greatest selling artist in the history of music?! Are you ready to unite hand -in- hand with all the MJ fan clubs and groups throughout the world? Can ALL the MJ fan clubs throughout the world forget their differences for just one day to help support and celebrate the release of Michaels new album??????? Lets do this for Michael!!!! Lets show him our love and devotion by making this the greatest selling album of all time, surpassing Thriller!!!!!! Let this be our gift to Michael in thanks for everything he has given to us...his music, his dance, his caring, his soul, ... his love!

If you are interested in joining us in this special, global event, please email me as soon as possible. Please send me the following information:

Name Of Fan Club/Group:
URL Of Fan Club/Group Website:
Contact Person(s):
Email Address:
Location & Name Of Possible Record Store You May Want To Hold Your Camp-Out:

We realize that there is no confirmed release date at this time, but to make this work we need to start planning NOW!!!!

Once we receive a confirmed release date I will email each participating club/group with further information , including the URL of the Global Album Release Camp-Out website. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lets make 2000 the best year Michael has ever had! Together, we can make it happen!!!!!!!

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Never Stop Michaeling!!!!!!!!!!

Donna Green

King Of Pop Fanatics California Fan Group