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Free Button Details

Now, buy 5 buttons and get 1 free button of your choice! Buy 10 or more buttons and get 2 free buttons of your choice!

Here's how to get your free buttons if ordering online with PayPal:

1. Order your buttons with PayPal.

2. After placing your order with PayPal, send us an email telling us that you placed your button order with PayPal. In your email include your full name, shipping address, and email address. If you ordered 5 buttons, tell us what button you would like as your free button by indicating the button item number. (Remember, the button item number is the number that is listed under the button thumbnail picture, example: MJ1, MJ15). If you ordered 10 or more buttons then indicated the 2 button item numbers that you would like to have as your free buttons. Remember: Your free button order choice will not be included on your PayPal order invoice. You must email us with your free button(s) choice AFTER you have placed your button order with PayPal!

3. You will receive an email confirmation indicating that we have received your free button order choice.

4. Your free button(s)will be shipped with your original button order that you placed with PayPal. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Here's how to get your free buttons if ordering via snail mail with a Money Order:

1. Please make a list with the button(s) item number(s) you wish to order. (The button item number is located under each button thumbnail next to the price). Also include the quantity (amount) of each button you are ordering.

2. Total the dollar amount of the buttons you are ordering and write it on your list.

3. Next, add the shipping fee of $3.00 per order. Whether you purchase 1 button or 10 buttons, the shipping charge will be a flat amount of $3.00 for US orders.

PLEASE NOTE: The Shipping fee for International (outside the US) orders is $4.50.

4. Total the button dollar amount with the shipping charge. This will be the total amount of your purchase. Write the total dollar amount on your order list.

5. Indicate the item number(s) of the free button you would like. Remember, if you order 5 buttons, you get 1 free button of your choice! If you order 10 or more buttons, you get 2 free buttons of your choice! Please don't forget to indicate your free button choice item number (s) or else you'll miss out on the free button offer!

6. Send a MONEY ORDER ONLY in the total dollar amount of your purchase made payable to DONNA GREEN. (Please make sure you make the money order made payable to DONNA GREEN or your order will not be processed.

7. Include your full name and snail mail address where you want your buttons to be mailed to.

8. Include your email address so we can contact you if we need to contact you about your order.

9. Mail your button order list (along with your name, shipping address & email address) and money order to:

Donna Green
MJ Button Order
9000 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89123

10. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: We will accept cash in US dollars, HOWEVER, we will not be responsible if it should get lost or stolen in the mail.

Questions? Comments? Please email us at: