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Introducing Michael Jackson Support Buttons!

All buttons are 2 1/4" round and have metal pin backings. To view a larger, close up view of each button please click on the thumbnail of each button. Please note that the buttons are actually more vivid in color, crisp and clearer in person.

NEW! New designs just added! See buttons MJ31-MJ37!

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NEW! >>> Be sure to read the fan testimonials below!

Michael Jackson Buttons

MJ1 $3.00

MJ2 $3.00

MJ3 $3.00

MJ4 $3.00

MJ5 $3.00

MJ6 $3.00

MJ7 $3.00

MJ8 $3.00

MJ9 $3.00

MJ10 $3.00

MJ11 $3.00

MJ12 $3.00

MJ13 $3.00

MJ14 $3.00

MJ15 $3.00

MJ16 $3.00

MJ17 $3.00

MJ18 $3.00

MJ19 $3.00

MJ20 $3.00

MJ21 $3.00

MJ22 $3.00

MJ23 $3.00

MJ24 $3.00

MJ25 $3.00

MJ26 $3.00

MJ27 $3.00

MJ28 $3.00

MJ29 $3.00

MJ30 $3.00

MJ31 $3.00

MJ32 $3.00

MJ33 $3.00

MJ34 $3.00

MJ35 $3.00

MJ36 $3.00

MJ37 $3.00

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Button Prices: $3.00 per button

Shipping Fees: Shipping charges will be calculated and added based on total sales amount in the ordering/payment process.

Online purchases made using the PayPal system.

NEW! Click here if you wish to pay with a money order via snail mail!

>>> All sales are final. NO REFUNDS!!!

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

New button designs added often, so check back frequently!!

Have an idea for a Michael or Janet button design or support slogan? Contact us via email with your idea. If we use your idea we will add your name to our button design credits page.

General Questions? Comments?
Please email us at:


"Michael Jackson Button Mania is full of great Michael Jackson Support buttons! At a time when Michael needs us to show our support most, this is a wonderful idea and will remind you from years to come, all we've been through as his devoted fans. They are of wonderful quality and colors and very affordable!!! My order came quickly and the seller made sure I got my order and was completely satisfied. This is one thing every fan needs to add to their collection. Thank you so much for my buttons!!!"
Misty Tuten - Washington State, USA

"The buttons are amazing. They came on time as promised and in perfect quality. I highly recommend anyone who wants to show their love and support for Michael, get some of these buttons. I wear mine with pride, and I don't give a dang what anyone says!"
Eric Hembre aka "Prince Of Pop" - Minnesota, USA

"I was VERY pleased with my order. They arrived very promptly, were very well packaged, and are excellent button designs and quality. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your buttons and I will no doubt be buying more in the future".
Keeping the faith, Elaine J Jackson - United Kingdom

"I think I've bought a dozen buttons so far. I absolutely love them. The design and quality is amazing. I received every order within a few days of placing it. I've worn them to court and MJ events and have gotten soooo many compliments. Everyone loves the fist picture in white (MJ1). Thank you so much for making some decent 'support' merchandise".
Talin - Los Angeles, California

"I received my MJ buttons faster than I expected to. They came in great shape. I love my buttons. Everyone that saw my buttons loves them. I can't wait til I can afford to buy more".
Selena Millman - Cleveland, Ohio

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my special package today and was quite surprised by the promptness of the service. Also the packaging as well was a topic of conversation between my postman and me. He is an avid Michael Jackson fan and wondered if fans still care and seeing this he was so curious as to what it was. I opened the package to show him the contents. He was really taken by the graphic design, as I was and how clear and beautiful each button looked. His favorite was the "Yesterday Today Forever...the Moonwalk" (MJ8), he wanted it badly and he bought it off of me. He placed his button on his work cap. We both agree this is a beautiful way to show Michael how much we care and love him. Not only are these buttons great for collectors, but they make wonderful gifts as well, and I am going to be ordering more". Thank you,
Margie De-Faria - San Diego, California

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