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Please Note:

All buttons, unless indicated otherwise on our button design credits page, are designed and made by Donna Green.

Please note that no profit is being made from the selling of these buttons. The price of the buttons reflect the cost in making the buttons, which include: button parts, button machine, ink, printing, shipping, and refilling supplies.

The buttons are made as a hobby and as part of my love, loyalty and dedication to Michael Jackson (and his family!). I have been a loyal fan for over 30 years and I firmly believe in Michael's innocense. I am not only a fan of his music, but, more so, a fan of the kind, warm, good-hearted, innocent, giving, and caring man he truly is. I love him very much! It's beyond me why society feels thats it's okay to bash and abuse him, especially in the media, press, and tabloids. No other celebrity or public figure is treated and talked about as badly as Michael. Michael has done more for the world and it's children with his charities than any other celebrity, yet society seems to forget all he has done by believing all the false, negative, and abusive reports. Why is it that everyone seems to forget to report all the good he has done and continues to do? I see Michael as the real victim! A victim of cruel press and media who starve for sensationalism, a target for money hungry individuals/families who take advantage of his kindness, and a victim of the INJUSTICE system consisting of individuals who want to bring him down. I could go on forever expressing my feelings, but I think you get the point. I just want to make it clear that I truly believe in Michael's innocense and I support him 100%. All I ask of those who are skepticle is to remember that here in America everyone is supposed to be considered INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Let's give Michael that same right . . .

I Love You, Michael!