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Last year Donna Green had an idea for a fan club. We were both frustrated with the fan events in the USA. MJNI had MJ Day USA which was really great but unfortunately like other events didn't last. Yet another event for the USA fans canceled. Then, to make things worse the following year (1999) MJOIFC announced that they were taking Michaelfest to London. Great, but what are the USA fans going to do? So Donna Green and I decided to take things into our own hands. Little did we know the success that would come because of one small idea. The King of Pop Fanatics was founded in August of 1999. It started as a small group of die hard MJ fans in Los Angeles. The fans loved the easy going, laid back atmosphere of the parties. Every month we did something different. Unfortunately, since I live in TX I couldn't make it out to all the events so I started the King of Pop Fanatics Texas group. The TX group was doing good, but I was still very much involved with the LA group. I decided to hand over the TX group to Darvon, (a nice, dedicated fan in Dallas), while I became Donna's official assistant for the LA group. We had so much success with the groups we decided to take it nationwide in June. In just 2 months we now have 8 groups across the US. It's still a brand new organization, but with the help of many dedicated fans it's coming together. Our focus of course it to show Michael that his USA fans still and will always LOVE him!! Like we always say, "Don't just say you're a fan, get out there and show it!"

From Left-Right: Janna, Brian, Jamie, Myself, & Juliet This August along with a special birthday;-), was our first anniversary. We ended up combining the 2 and celebrated 42 years of Michaelmania near Neverland Valley on August 26, 2000. The drive up to Neverland is sooo beautiful!! For the first 2 hours you drive practically on the beach, then the second half is through the gorgeous Santa Ynez Mountains! I must say Michael has good taste (like we didn't realize that already)!! The land is soo beautiful!! When you're there you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere. I can see why he calls it Neverland Valley! Juliet with her boyfriend, Michael All you hear are the wonderful sounds of nature. It's soo peaceful and relaxing! Due to a few small problems with our rental cars, and mix ups at the airport we were a bit late getting in Friday night. I think we got about 4 hours sleep at the most! You couldn't tell the next morning, everyone was so cheerful and excited for the day. We had members of the NY & TX fanatic groups come and join us. For most of them it would be their first time to the gates. =) It was sooo great seeing everyone. Some I hadn't seen for 2 years since the first MJ DAY USA! We met for breakfast at Baker's Square (a local restaurant). Let me take this time to thank Lorraine (our waitress), the poor thing had to put up with us 3 days in a row! She was really sweet, and a great waitress! Thanks Lorraine! ;-) We quickly finished up and headed back to the hotel to get ready for the party and Neverland!

Our Gift for Michael Donna, myself, and a few other members of the group got together and bought Michael a really cute Winnie the Pooh Bear for his birthday which Donna dressed up like Michael! Pooh was holding a birthday card as well as balloons for the birthday boy. Isn't he cute?? =) While Donna, & myself got the decorations ready to take to the dinner, everyone outside got busy signing our birthday card for Michael. As you all may know we had signed a card for Michael in November. Janna & Jamie signing the card Fortunately to our surprise he actually received the card and called us personally to thank us. It worked once, why not again? We had everyone sign a posterboard which had the King of Pop fanatics logo in the middle and a bunch of pictures of the group surrounding it. We quickly loaded the decorations, cake and balloons in the cars and headed out to Neverland!! It was soo fun driving through the town blasting our MJ music, honking our horns, and flashing our lights (hope we didn't embarress you too bad Guy! ;-). It was a bit tricky with a caravan of 8 cars but finally 15 minutes later... the gates of Neverland!!!

Our card that we left at Neverland for Michael Thankfully it was a nice, sunny day. Usually there are a bunch of cars coming in and out, mainly just workers but luckily that day it was very quiet. We quickly got the cake out along with our gifts to give to Michael. We rushed a bit so that the cake wouldn't melt. Everyone was quite impressed by the cake, BJ holding his original drawing
for Michaelhopefully Michael liked it. =) I was impressed with all the gifts that everyone brought. We have some talented people in our group! For example, BJ's drawing of MJ as a superhero. Personally, I think he should make a comic out of it, what do you say BJ? The guards were a bit jumpy that day, who knows why. We weren't allowed to stay too long at the gates but we managed to get a few important things in before we left. We chanted a short Our birthday cake for Michael "Happy Birthday Michael! We love you!" followed by, "King of Pop!" Of course, the guards thought we were all crazy but that's okay (like we don't know that already? lol). The guards were kind enough to open the gates and take the cake along with the gifts we left. After a few pictures with the card and some of Donna's banners we handed the card to the guards and it was off on its way (hopefully we'll get lucky again this time!). Along with the card, and the gifts we had a little surprise for Michael. Our T-shirt message for Michael A special group was picked from the LA group. All the members who had been to the most events along with Donna and myself got together and came up with a T-shirt idea. Each person had a letter, all together it spelled "USA LUVS MJJ" and the back said, "King of Pop!" We wore these shirts under our group shirts so it would look like we were about to flash him but instead have the message on a second shirt. I'm not sure if he saw it, but hey at least the guards did. lol! We stayed outside Neverland for a mere hour and a half. Donna (& family), myself and BJ left to begin decorating for the party later that evening.

The Party

The doors opened promptly at 5:30 PM. It was held at our favorite restuarant, Federico's. A very good mexican restaurant, and that's hard to find in CA! The room was covered in MJ posters/flags and banners. The staff kept asking if Michael was going to be arriving anytime soon. We hope so!! One hostess even asked, "Wow, so does this kid really like Michael or what? Tell him Happy Birthday for me!" lol! OK!? The manager was soo kind and brought his own VCR and television from home so we could watch our Michael videos! Thank you Nathen! We started the evening off with a Michael Jackson seek and find. Our main goal was to have participation during the party. Both Donna and I have been to other MJ events held by various clubs and were both disappointed. We always ended up feeling a bit disappointed because we felt like the energy was always missing from those events. For our party we decided to have various activities. Donna came up with a seek and find, and I created a MJ word scrambler, "What's that Lyric?" game, and then we both worked together on a MJ trivia game. BJ Brasier was our wonderful MC. Speaking of, I want to thank BJ for doing such a wonderful job! Thanks so much, you were great! ;-) Some of the games turned out to be a bit tricky. I hadn't realized I had made some games a bit hard. These are MJ fans remember, who study every lyric, disect every word that comes out of Michael's mouth. I had to make it hard (sorry guys)! It was so much fun though, I loved the lyric game.
Here are a list of the winners:
Name that lyric: Heather Folk
Word Scrambler:
MJ Trivia: Sherrie Wilkins
Seek & Find: Miko
Congratulations to all the winners! Great job!!

We gave each winner an 8X10 framed picture of Michael. Then for the door prizes Donna made Michael snowglobes, (very cute idea by the way)!

We also had a special award presentation to the members who had been there supporting us from the beginning. These members have gone to every single event the King of Pop Fanatics LA group has had since our beginning. Both Donna and I are very grateful to all of you who have supported us, and of course Michael. =) We wanted to show them our appreciation so we came up with certificates that Donna framed for every member. In return, without her knowing, the members awarded Donna with a plaque thanking her for all the hard work she has done for the group. Below is the list of the members who received an award. Thank you again for your support in making this fan group a success! Thanks so much!
Lisette Theard-Jackson
Brian Green
Heather Green
Sherrie Wilkins
Susan Allen

Overall the party went really well. Everyone seemed to truly enjoy the festivities. Of course the weekend was only half over. We still had Michael's birthday on Tuesday. So, we quickly cleaned up the room and headed back to the hotel for a quick night's rest to get ready for the drive back home.

Last trip to Neverland, August 27th Unfortunately, not everyone could continue our celebration with us. We said our good-bye's to Jamie, Rachel, Juliet, Michael, and BJ. Thanks for coming! =) The rest of us went back to Neverland one last time before we had to leave back to LA. The guards were much nicer this time around, and let us hang out for a bit. We even managed to pin our birthday banner for Michael on the gates along with the balloons we had saved from the day before (hee,hee). The guards told us that everything had been sent to the house.


Donna, Myself, BJ, & Guy at Breakfast

From Lft.-Right: Andrea, Miko, & Myself

From Left-Right:
Andrea, Miko, & Myself

Juliet & Michael

Juliet & Michael

Juliet from TX & I

Juliet from TX & I

Jamie, Janna, & Juliet

Jamie, Janna, & Juliet

w/ BJ, try not to have too much fun BJ! ;-)

w/ BJ, try not to have too much fun BJ! ;-)

Rachel, little Heather, Guy, Heather
Danee, Brian, & Sherrie

Myself, Janna, Brian, Juliet, & Jamie

Lft-Rgt(top):Guy, Heather, BJ, Myself, Andrea, Miko, Donna, Lisette, Elen, Susan, Juliet, Michael, Heather, & Rachel.
(from bottom): Danee, Sherrie, Agnes, Agnes' mother, Jamie, Janna, & Brian


Donna adding final touches to Pooh

Winnie the Pooh as Michael

Close up of Pooh
(sorry it's blurry)

Our neon, with a small Michael touch

Birthday car sign =)

Hoping the balloons don't
pop from the heat!

The cake with the birthday
collage I made for Michael

The cake =)

BJ holding his drawing

Janna & I

Juliet, Myself, & Janna

w/ a cool guy ;-)

Rachel, Juliet, & Jamie
holding a nice pillow case!

Getting it just right

We Love You More Michael!!

Groupshot at the gates! =)

Our Michael birthday cake
along with one of the prizes for the games

Our decorations

More decorations

My favorite flag =)

King of Pop Fanatics LA Banner

Donna's King of Pop banner

Jamie & I

Danee, our King of Pop Fanatics
New York City Leader with Donna & Myself

Award presentation

Happy Birthday Michael!!

Donna & I holding the
King of Pop Fanatics Banner

One last group shot
before we had to leave back home

Guy Fiat passing out flyers
at Michael's star

At Michael's star on
his birthday, 8/29/2000

Myself, Lisette, Brian, & Janna
with some friends from London
(sorry it's blurry)

Happy Birthday Michael!

The card we had for Michael
at his star on Aug.29th

Watching some dancers

A local impersonator named "Scorpio"
Treated us with a bit from
"You Are Not Alone"

Pretty good dancer who stopped
by to show us his MJ moves
Not bad!

Our Birthday Ad for Michael placed
in the Santa Ynez Newspaper on August 29th