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Special Announcements

Very Special Notice: Michael Acknowledges
And Thanks The King Of Pop Fanatics!!!

[1-17-2000] On November 13, 1999 our group held its monthly get together in front of the gates of Neverland. While at the gates our group signed a huge message card. Each member who attended wrote their own personal message to Michael. We also included two pictures of our group. The card was left at the front gate in hopes that maybe Michael would somehow actually recieve it. Well, guess what??? MICHAEL RECIEVED IT!!!
On monday, January 17th, 2000 at 4:30 pm I recieved a personal phone call from Michael himself!!!! I couldnt believe it! It was the greatest day of my life!!! For privacy reasons I wont go into the whole conversation, but I can tell you we talked for quite a while! The most important thing I want to let you all know is that Michael said he loved the card! He thanked me and said it was very sweet of all of us and that he appreciated it very much!! I told him that we loved him and Michael reponded by saying "I love you more".
And Michael, if youre reading this, like I told you in our conversation,
WE love YOU more!!!!!!! You truly are an angel in disguise!!! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me...(You know what I mean! *Wink*)Thank you for your kindness & generousity! I LOVE YOU! XXOO

*Click Here To View The Card*

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