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Do you sometimes feel like you're the only Michael Jackson fan in you area? Well, thats how a lot of us MJ fans feel, especially those of us here in the USA!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Donna Green and I am from Southern California. For many years I have attended numerous MJ events and appearances here in the USA along with my husband and two children (Yes, they are die-hard MJ fans too!). At most of the events I would always notice the same dedicated MJ fans in attendance. So, one day I thought, "Hey, why not start an MJ group here in Los Angeles for all of us die-hard MJ fans throughout Southern California"?!!!! " So, after contacting some of my fellow MJ fans & friends, the "King Of Pop Fanatics" Los Angeles Fan Group was born!! Our group was officially established in August 1999, and we had our first group meeting/event on September 18th at Hard Rock Cafe in Los Angeles!! It was a huge, fun-filled success and we now get-together almost every month!

The Purpose Of Our Group

Our purpose as a group is to do 3 things. First, to bring together all southern California Michael Jackson fans. Second, to have fun together as a group by organizing various MJ activities on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. And third, to show support to Michael by being at ALL appearances he makes in the future in Los Angeles! Michael needs to know that his fans in his home state love him very much and will be there for him cheering him on!!!!

The Pupose Of This Website

The purpose of this website is to act as a "home base" for all our King Of Pop Fanatics Los Angeles group members. This is the place that will keep members informed and up-to-date on all current and future MJ activities, get-togethers, and events organized by our group. We plan to have monthly or bi-monthly activities, so be sure to check the "Group Events" section often! This will keep you informed of dates, times, and instructions for each event. Remember, the success of our group will be determined on your active participation!!!!!!

Who Can Join?

Any Michael Jackson fan residing in California, although all fans residing outside of California are ALWAYS welcome to attend any of our group events or activities!!!!!

How To Join

Joining our group is easy and its FREE!!!! Just click on the link below for instructions!

::Become A King Of Pop-Los Angeles Fanatic!::