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King Of Pop Fanatics
Day At Disneyland!

Group Shot With Mickey!

Standing from left to right:
Front Row: Mickey Mouse
Second Row: Brian Green
Third Row: Andrea Sinks, Heather Green, LeeAnn Hernandez, Elen Shahbazyan, Donna Green
Fourth Row: Susan Allen, Mrs, Szenassy, Agnes Szenassy, Rachel Yepez, Sheree Wilkins, Lisette Theard-Jackson, Heather Folk
Back Row: Richard Green

Our Day At Disneyland Report

On Saturday, May 6th, 2000 our King Of Pop Fanatics fan group had a day at Disneyland in Anahiem, California.

We all had a BLAST! We started the day by meeting up with everyone at 8:15 AM at the Mickey Mouse flower bed, located at the main entrance.

While at the gates, we also met with our two newest members; Andrea Sinks & Heather Folk. At 9AM, all 14 of us , all decked out in our Fanatics group t-shirts, entered the Magical Kingdom to start our Disney adventure!

We started our adventure in Tomorrow Land where we went on our first ride, Space Mountain! It was great and we only waited in line about 10 minutes! That didnt last long though, as it got crowded very quickly and the wait in the lines for all the rides soon turned into over an hour! AGHHH! *LOL* Typical of Disneyland, but on a Saturday it was to be expected! *LOL*

Because we had such a long wait in the lines, it gave all of us a chance to get to know our nwest members. Andrea Sinks, who is from Corona, California, told us how exciting it was for her to join our group, as she has never known any other MJ fans. Can you believe that??!! *LOL* Well, we told her to get use to having us as MJ friends because we currently have 60 members and almost all of us get together every month...sometimes even more!!!!

We also learned that Heather Folk, originally from Michigan, will be moving to California in July and will become a regular, monthly, dedicated member! Look out you two...we are a crazy bunch of hard-core, die-hard MJ be prepared to be very active and supportive of MJ in the coming months ahead!!

Getting back to our day, around 12 PM we all were getting hungry. To cut costs, we all pre-arranged to bring our own lunches and leave them in ice chest's in our vehicles. So, off to our cars we all went to get our lunch'es, then off to the picnic area located at the main entrance. This turned out to be very peaceful, as the picnic area was shadded with tree's and had very few people in that area.

After lunch our next stop was Toon Town, where we all took a group picture with Mickey Mouse, as shown above. (The picture was later enlarged, matted, framed, and personally delivered to MJJ Productions as our gift to Michael!)

After our visit to Toon Town we then visited Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Adventureland. We were havng such a blast, but because of the time spent in long lines, time was going by fast!

About 6PM we all decided it was time for dinner. So, where did we go to eat? Denny's! *LOL* See, not only are we dedicated, supportive MJ fans, we are also some of the poorest fans! *LOL* So, out of the park we walked...straight to Denny's located across the street from Disneyland. And boy, did Denny's love us!! *LOL* The look on the waiters face when I told him we needed a table for 14 MJ fans was hilarious, although, Im sure he wasnt amused at the time, considering it was a Saturday night! *LOL* All in all, after a 30 minute wait, we were seated for dinner and all was good!

After our gourmet dinner at Denny's (*LOL*), we headed back to Disneyland to conclude our day. We went on numerous more rides, went shopping, and spent many wonderful hours talking about our beloved Michael!!!! And I must tell you, wearing our King Of Pop Fanatics t-shirts helped bring so much attention to Michael! During or day at Disneyland so many people passing by made positive comments about MJ and gave us thumbs up signs.......which was 50% of our purpose! 50% of our groups purpose is to have fun and 50% is to show public support to MJ while having our fun!!!!!! Our goal was met and we had a wonderful day with fellow MJ friends while making fond memories that will remain in our hearts forever!!!

Thank you to all the group members for your friendship & loyalty to our group! United together, we will PROVE that the USA, indeed, loves MJJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donna Green
King Of Pop Fanatics California Group Leader

PS: I would like to give special thanks to Susan Allen & Agnes Szenassy for giving rides to those members who had no transportation to get to Disneyland! Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.

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