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Interview with Knoch 3rd Baseman Nick Wise

So Nick Wise, how does it feel to be standing in first place at the moment and on the verge of winning the section after coming off of a 5-15 season?

It feels great and different to be on a first place team at Knoch.  Great in the way that we're beating other teams and different because I'm so used to normally losing against other schools.

In your opinion, what game was the most exhilerating and exciting?  Was it at Kittaning? the Kiski Game? North Catholic?

The best game we have played all year was against Trojans.  We pitched, fielded, and hit well.  Plus we showed em' who's "boss", it's us, not Tony Danza.

What do you think has been the major change is between last year's losing team and the winning baseball team of 99 that is headed to the playoffs?

Coaching, hitting, and team unity.  This year we are definetly coached better, we practice hitting and use it in the game, and its different from last year because we are ALL freinds and can work together during the game better than we did in the past.

What has been your best homerun shot thus far?

The first one because I was 1 for 12 on the season and struck out about 8 times. So I took out all of my anger on that one swing and since then I have had 3 or 4 more homers and only have struck out 3 times.