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1999 Knoch Knights Scores

L    Knoch 1 Burrell 8    --Woodrow hits 350 ft homerun
L    Knoch 9 Deer Lakes 12    --Harmon pitches 4 strong innings
W    Knoch 17 Mars 3    --Patton pitches win, Desantis and Zitzman homer
W    Knoch 12 Riverview 0    --Cooper pitches for shutout win
W    Knoch 3 Ford City 2    --Woodrow recieves last inning save
L    Knoch 7 Pine Richland 13    --Wise hits homer
L    Knoch 3 Highlands 5    --Patton pitches strong 5 inns (9 K, 1BB)
W    Knoch 10 Valley 0    --Wise pitches for win and hits homer, Rowe pitches strong
L    Knoch 6 N Catholic 10    --Zitzman, Smith, Woodrow; 2 hits
W    Knoch 8 Kittaning 7    --Patton pitches for win, Woodrow with save
W    Knoch 9 Kiski Area 8    --Rowe pitches win, unbelievable comeback; Desantis with game winning hit
W    Knoch 5 Hampton 0    --Woodrow pitches complete game shutout and hits homer
W    Knoch 16 Freeport 12    --Wise hits 400 foot homer, Walker pitches for win
W    Knoch 9 Highlands 1    --Woodrow pitches complete game win, Wise and Thompson homer
W    Knoch 9 North Catholic 3    --Patton wins, Rowe saves, Zitzman homers twice, Johnson goes 3-3
W    Knoch 5 Kittaning  3    --Woodrow; 7 inns, 16 K's, also hit 2 back to back homers and a double
W    Knoch 8 Kiski Area 6    --Woodrow improves average to over .600, Patton wins, Rowe saves
W    Knoch 4 Hampton 1    --Woodrow pitches win, Patton saves (*Knoch wins Section*)
W    Knoch 7 Shadyside Academy 2    --Woodrow pitches wins, Patton saves, Walker pitches strong
L    Knoch 10 Ringold 13    --Knoch's first playoff appearance, last inning comeback by Ringgold.