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Knoch Knights Make Unbelievable Comeback and Win Their First Section Championship.

  The underdogs, the underestimated Knoch Knights Baseball Team made an unbelievable turnaround in their 1999 season.  Congratulations goes out to those players, coaches, parents, and fans involved. It has been so amazing to play for this very special team. It was a team that was very prestigious because of every single player's will to win.  Everyone on this team wanted to win and did whatever they could to win.  If Knoch was down by 5 runs, it didn't matter, all 15 varsity players did whatever they could to fight back to victory. There was no selfishness, there was no arrogance, there were no individuals. This team played for each other.

May 24th, 1999 was a day to remember as the Knoch Baseball Team took a charter bus ride to 3 Rivers Stadium and were announced in front of 11,500 fans that they had won their first section title. What an amazing time as we ate Quaker Steak and Lube Chicken Wings and ballpark hotdogs and nachos as  the New York Met's bullpen was rained upon by sunflower seeds.  Al Martin kindly threw Beaver a baseball but was caught by Bob Cooper.  The Pirates won 7-3.

The 25th was another story.  The Knights were up by 3 runs in the 7th, led by homers of Thompson and Woodrow (after 14 foul balls), but the Ringgold Rams came back and defeated the Knights 13-10 when they were helped by Knoch's 4 errors.  The unfortunate loss does not show the excellence of this premier turnaround season.  What a triumphant season to this underestimated group of athletes from Knoch High School.  As I leave this 1999 Knoch Knights Baseball Website and as I leave Knoch Senior High School, I conclude by saying good luck to next year's team and I will really miss you guys.  Until the day I die, I will never forget this year, and maybe not even then.  Thank you.

C- Matt Desantis     LF- Josh Johnson   P- Bryan Patton  
1B- AJ Smith   CF/P- Justin Woodrow     P- Jon Walker
2B- Jeremy Virag   RF- Justin Conklin   P- Zach Harmon
3B- Nick Wise   RF- Dustin Thompson   IF- Rick Murray
SS- Chase Rowe   OF/P- Bob Cooper   OF/DH- Brandon Zitzman  
Coach- Scot Thompson   Manager- Chris "Beaver" Slovick

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