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The Knoch Baseball Committee

The Knoch Baseball Committee has made its debut in the season of 99 and has shown their Team and School Spirit with the parties they hold every home game behind the centerfield fence while being our own DJ as well.  It has been an honor to play in front of our amazing fans and we are very greatful to have these select group of people.  This same group of fans had an amazing energy source at the hand of Knoch Basketball Games where they would even fight with opponents fans in parking lots, front yards, in the didn't matter...they did it.  One fan was known to have been arrested for bringing forth a baseball bat to an opponent fan's face and many others have been frisked for fighting.  Their copyright trademark and slogan is known as "We hate Highlands."  This KBC has easily earned the right to be known as the best group of fans in the section and in the WPIAL baseball area for that matter.  Thank you, to the KBC.

Some of the Greatest Known Members of the KBC:

Jason Neubert

A star soccer player who is the widest known fan of Knoch Baseball.

Josh Gratz

A star football player who also has a major part in the KBC.

Phil Sell

The craziest of all Knoch Sports Fans.  Will do anything to help and show his pride in the Knoch Knights. 

Johnna Smith

The Knoch female fan of the year award.  An extreme faithful of the Knoch Knights baseball program.