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Interview with Knoch Manager Chris "Beaver" Slovick

Beaver, what do you think of KHS now being on the verge of playoffs, possibly section championship...

Well, it feels so good because the people involved are so good.  Coach Thompson, Coach Rick and everybody involved.  Plus if we win the section, Cabot could afford a new American Flag instead of using one with Poppin Fresh eatin the stars.  Its been such a good year.

So Beav...KHS has never accomplished the feat of defeating the North Catholic Trojans but this year, it happened....please elaborate.

Well after Chase Rowe threw strike 3, i needed a change of underwear.  I yelled "Break out the vaseline"

So what are you gonna do if and when Woody ends up in his future in more competitive baseball, possibly drafted, are you gonna want an autograph or what?

Oh, he'll get drafted.  Ya know that water slide in Sebco Pool, i'll slide down it if we win the section.

 What game to you was most exciting...was it at Kittaning where we came back from their 7 run 6th inning, was it the unbelievable comeback against Kiski at home, or was it the awesome game against the Trojans of North Catholic???

The best game was against Kiskiminicus.  Beating them 9-8 just wet my pants.  I still have them if you don't believe me.

So if we face a powerhouse team such as North Allegheny or Shaler in the playoffs tell me what our chances are Beav...

We will kill them both.

Thank you for your time Beaver.

Wait!!! One more thing!!!

What Beaver........what.