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The Complete Horror Website
Good evening, allow me to introduce myself. Voodoo Ninja at your service. If you've come to my home of your own free will, then I assume you are a fan of all that is Horror. I have been fascinated by the darker side of things since I was a child. I remember drawing picture after picture of the Headless Horseman (of Sleepy Hollow fame) when I was only 3 years old. I'm sure most of you have had similar lives to my own, and more than likely share my ever so slight insanity. But, I've always said it's good to be a little crazy in this horrid little ball of dirt called Earth.

Ah... I'm sorry. I tend to ramble on about the most mundane things.

Allow me to give you a general
Site Overview.

First up is (of course)
NEWS OF THE LIVING DEAD. It is a page dedicated to new film releases,
rumours, interviews, and some other little juicy bits for you to chew on.

Next comes the
Spotlight On..., a monthly feature
profiling and compiling a certain actor, director,
genre...etc. Full of information, pictures, and multimedia.
This changes monthly.

Ranting and Raving
is my monthly scathing remarks
about things I can't stand to see or hear.
FULL MOON ENT. is number one on my list.

Scratchings and Scribbles
is for us all. It's a forum
of sorts, for Genre art, poetry, fiction submitted by you.
Everything you submit will be copywrited in your name.

Music Massacre.... Well i'm sure you'll get it...

The Vault contains monthly reviews of only the best in horror.

Looking for
Scripts of your favorite gorefest? Look no further. I have the largest collection of Original and unproduced horror scripts available.

Plus news of new
Horror toys, comics, and literature,
along with plenty of links to keep you shopping for
that perfect bloody gift.

Next comes the
All About ME is a page...well, all about me of course.
This is a very personal page detailing my life and loves.

And last but not least, I give you the
Grave Sites.
A huge collection of links by category to the best damn
pages on the web. Some official sites (but not many).
I prefer the UNDeRgRouND WeB.

So..feel free to stay of your own free will but leave some of the happiness you bring,it might be a long night.
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News of the living dead
Spotlight On...
Ranting and Raving
Scratchings and Scribbles
Music Massacre
The Vault
Horror Comics, Toys and Literature
All about ME
Grave Sites
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Please Email me and tell me what you think of the Site.
ALSO send in those submissions for Scratchings and Scribbles
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