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Fox's Hoosier Coon Hounds

Terry And Toby Fox And NT.CH.Fox's Jammin Jody

< I'm the proud father of two wonderful boys that love to hunt with their daddy

Also i have a loving wife that allows all this craziness it takes a good women to put up with us coonhunters as you all know

Jody currently has one win towards grand,she hunts well alone or in company she takes her tracks as they come she can work up those bad ones ,or she can smoke a hot one.I've been coonhunting for about 25 yrs and shes the best i ever owned

If any of you english guys or gals out there are interested in breeding to a good stud dog, give Rusty (REDTICKER)Johnson a call he has one tough male dog.

I have a 7 month old pup out of Rustys male dog ANDY and a female that we owned together that is really impressing me for just being a big pup he is treeing a little bit and is absolutely coon crazy. If you ENGLISH people are looking for a stud dog for your breeding program give RUSTY a call'll be glad you did .

Remember the kids of our sport is whats keeping it alive,so take one hunting every chance you get ,and PLEASE teach them respect for firearms. View And Sign My Guestbook!

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