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Friends Across the Miles

We here in Heavenly Angels have so much in common. We have lost our child (children) and that has brought us together.

We have come to Heavenly Angels for reasons none of us wish for, but we are lucky to have each other for support.

GROWW gives us the opportunity to chat with each other. Express our feelings on Heavenly's Message Board. GROWW also gives us a place to go when we think no one else will or is listening.

Thank Goodness for GROWW

But have you ever thought how nice it would be to put a face to the words you read on the screen?

If you answered YES, you aren't alone.

On the follow pages you will see flags of each state within the United States. What our idea is to have you (if you wish) contact us and give us your first name or nickname, email address, and city/state that you resident in.

Once we recieve your premission to post the above information, we will post it under each states flag.

Maybe you will meet someone in your own state or area or maybe you will just meet someone else that you can talk to via email. Whether you become Email Buddies or friends in person, you will know you aren't alone.

Maybe you can turn {{{{{{{{{{{{Cyber Hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}} into real hugs!

If your countries flag is not on the following pages, please email us and we will place your flag amoung the ones already here.

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Friendship Poem

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Images on theses page came from Wilson's 'Free GIF's & Animations'.