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~}~ GURUSAGE ~{~

Come join the Cult of Unbelief

Step out of your belief and embrace the truth

Only by renouncing your belief can the true secrets of enlightenment be made available to you

has Channelled a book from the mighty FOOLEAN
please order your copy today!
ONLY with this book can you unlock the true secret of enlightenment!!

The Profit

(Trying to talk sense into a spiritual mind)


Chapter 1 - Why do we need spirituality
(Love light and hugs)

Chapter 2 - The importance of teaching facts not fiction
(I love you unconditionally on the condition that you are my friend)

Chapter 3 - Why we cling to belief
(Why have you so much anger? Can't you see I love you?)

Chapter 4 - Science really does have the answer
(Even science believes in energy so there!!!)

Chapter 5 - Giving up belief hurts
(Without a made up meaning my life will have to take on a responsibility all of it's own!!)

Chapter 6 - Standing on your own
(Now you just agreeing with the scientists)

Chapter 7 - Why should any belief system be tolerated?
(I love unconditionally except rapists, but they are just bad Karma)

Chapter 8 - yet to be written
(This chapter is going to be channelled just as soon as our mighty healer and channel recovers from his heart attack) (Please send your healing prayers)

There will be no index or bibliography as I do not need to justify or prove anything I say, please take it on good faith I KNOW what I am talking about. ISBN 115-666-2-4-me-$$$$


Is currently channelling his next book
Esoteric Heel-ing
(a GURU handbook)
How to control and brainwash your disciples

GURUSAGE accepts all major credit cards

Do not send your details as this will only waste time

Please just send your card for a guarenteed path to enlightenment

GURUSAGE will in NO way accept any responsibility for you
As an adult you should


The Commandments of GURUSAGE

1. Thou shalt acknowledge the Anthropic principle
2. Thou shalt not acknowledge any other than thyself as thy Master
3. Thou must adhere to the laws of physics
(Unfortunately thou really dost not have a choice with this one)
4. Thou must absolve thyself of guilt for guilt is of the bad self, whom is born of religion
5. Thou must stop being a hypocrite and not preach that which is not practicable
6. Thou must stop taking the word of God as Law, until he shows in person.
7. Thou must provide proof of all deities existence if one wishes to worship them.
8. Thou must at all times accept full responsibility for thyself, thy actions and their consequences
9. Thou must realise that judgement day is NOT going to happen.
10.Thou must step out of thy belief and acknowledge true FREEDOM.




This Freethought Ring web site is brought to you by GURUSAGE.

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