When They Awake

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The devil has tempted many today.
"But that's my job," he'll boastfully say.

"I'll exalt myself as into the sky
And make myself to be as the Most High."

He made this boast many years ago,
"Into God's temple with His saints I shall go.

God's saints are always sleeping,
And while they sleep, I do much creeping.

I creep into their hearts and feel for an emotion.
And when they awake they find so much commotion.

I creep into their minds and feel for a thought,
And when they awake a new sin they have bought.

I creep into their eyes and make awful look kind,
And when they awake, to the truth they are blind.

I creep into their mouths and put 'razors' on thier tongues,
And when they awake, they see the damage they've done.

I creep into their ears and whisper a lie,
And when they awake, they cry, 'Lord, oh my!'

I creep into their hands and stir things around,
And when they awake, they know they are bound.

I creep into their feet and tell them, 'Go here.'
And when they awake, they cry a sanctified tear.

I creep into the saints as often as possible.
This is my way to discourage any new probable."

Satan made this boast and wants it fulfilled,
But my job as a saint is to see that it's killed.

-- Author Unknown

'by the Blood of JESUS, through the HOLY SPIRIT and according to GOD's Word'

God gives us many blessings, but most of all God gives us Jesus Christ!