by Bill Anderson

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My God, He walks on my right side.
For me, He's always just that near.
He tells me things I'd like to share.
The words He whispers in my ear.

The words He has sent for me to say
Are truly sent from high above.
He'd like to tell you how He feels
And tell you why we all must love.

Love your Mother, give her respect.
She's always there for you in times of need.
Her friendship, her love, her comforting touch
Are God-sent for sure, a blessing indeed.

Love your Father, for he has strength
His words of wisdom you should always cherish.
Learn his lessons; please, hear his advice
The things that he can teach will help you flourish.

Love your Wife, for there is your strength.
In her, these things you will find:
Kindness, friendship, mercy and love,
Things too important to leave behind.

Love your Husband, for you two are one.
Tend him and help him along his way.
Be there for him when he needs you most.
Care for and love him each and every day.

Love your Neighbor, for he's like you.
A child of mine whom I love very much.
Treat him with kindness, forgiveness, and love
Help when in need, just reach out and touch.

But most of all, love Me first,
For I am HE, who reigns high above.
Keep My laws and study My Word,
For then you will know all about My love.

'by the Blood of JESUS, through the HOLY SPIRIT and according to GOD's Word'

God gives us many blessings, but most of all God gives us Jesus Christ!