God Is . . .

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Genesis -- The Creator
Exodus -- The Deliverer
Leviticus -- The Scapegoat
Numbers -- The Cloud by Day - The Fire by Night
Deuternomy -- The Prophet
Joshua -- The Conquering King
Ruth -- The Nearest Kinsman
I & II Samuel -- The Anointing
I Kings -- The Chief Cornerstone
II Kings -- The Rod of Elisha
I & II Chronicles -- The Worthy King
Ezra -- The Master Builder
Nehemiah -- The Restorer
Esther -- The Responsive Monarch
Job -- The Redeemer
Psalms -- The Shepherd
Proverbs -- Wisdom
Ecclesiates -- The Only Real Life
Song of Solomon -- The Beloved
Isaiah -- The Man of Sorrows
Jeremiah -- The Potter
Lamentations -- Our Only Hope
Ezekiel -- The Promiser of Restoration
Daniel -- The Fourth Man
Hosea -- The Forsaken Husband
Joel -- The Rain
Amos -- The Plumbline
Obediah -- The Majestic Ruler
Jonah -- The Merciful
Micah -- The Prince of Peace
Habakkah -- Our Strength
Zephaniah -- The Just
Haggai -- Holiness
Zechariah -- The Fountain for Sin
Malachi -- The Son of Righteousness
Matthew -- The Son of David
Mark -- The Son of God
Luke -- The Universal Saviour
John -- The Living Word
Acts -- The Indwelling Spirit
Romans -- Our Righteousness
I Corinthians -- The Teacher of Holiness
II Corinthians -- The Ultimate Authority
Galatians -- The Liberator
Ephesians -- The Head of the Church
Phillipians -- The Overcoming Joy-Giver
Colossians -- The Reconciler
I Thessalonians -- The Soon Coming King
II Thessalonians -- The Rewarder of the Persecuted
I Timothy -- The Unfailing Hope
II Timothy -- The Only Fully Trustworthy One
Titus -- The True Way to Godliness
Philemon -- The Source of All Brotherhood
Hebrews -- The High Priest
James -- The Giver of All Good Gifts
I Peter -- The Living Stone
II Peter -- The Deliverer From All Falsehood
I John -- The Advocate and Father of Love
II John -- The One True God
III John -- My Soul's Prosperity
Jude -- The One and Only Preserver of the Saints
Revelation -- The Worthy Lamb of God

This God, this same God is my God!

--Author Unknown

'by the Blood of JESUS, through the HOLY SPIRIT and according to GOD's Word'

God gives us many blessings, but most of all God gives us Jesus Christ!