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after purchasing the program

You've seen the ads:

"You're ad to 500,000 opt ins, guaranteed safe"

"Send your ad to 300,000 email addresses without spamming. Guaranteed safe."

"Your ad to 2000 opt in list, 375,000 people"

"Your ad to 3,000,000 individual emails"

and many more just like them. You've also seen their prices. These range anywhere from $45.00 for a one time submission to 300,000 to as much as $305 for a one time mailing to 500,000.

You've also seen the opportunity to submit your own ad to 1000 opt in lists. If you have had any experience with opt in lists you know that you receive hundreds of emails for every subscription that you subscribe to and that your email box quickly fills up every day. This does not take into account the hours you have had to spend doing the subscribing and confirmations.

NOW YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR AD AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE TO A LIST OF OVER 300,000. These are opt in lists, almost 2000 of them, so you do not have to worry about being accused of spam. (See the FAQ's for information about opt in lists.) You will not have to do any subscribings and confirmations. You will not have to worry about your email box being filled up with "junk emails" or even with "counter offers". You will receive true responses.

You can send your ad out evey day, or you can send out a different ad every day and it will go to 300,000 emails by itself. The only limitation is you can only send one ad per day. It will take you about 10 minutes or about 45 minutes depending on which option you choose to send your ad out each day. The difference is decided by you and whether you choose to stay with the free mailer or upgrade for full access to all the features of the mailer.

Think about this:

  • You no longer have to rely on someone posting your ad and wondering if they really did or not.
  • You no longer have to try and have a hit the first try in order to save meager advertising dollars.
  • You will no longer be subject to time delays that result from the time you order your ad to the time it is placed.
  • When you find a winner, you can repost it immediately the next day.
  • You will be able to take advantage of any hot program that comes along.
  • Your advertising dollar will no longer have to be spread thinly over several programs as you will not be limited to what you advertise.(Still no adult ads)
  • If you don't get a good response, you will no longer have to try and get a refund or a repost. No more hassles in other words.


    FOR LESS THAN MOST CHARGE FOR A ONE TIME SUBMISSION, $250.00, you will receive everything necessary to start sending out your own ads to over 300,000 every day.

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