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My Fan Fiction and Info Page

Hello I'm Lisa Hobbs, Thank You for visiting my Fan Fiction and Information Page. I hope you enjoy the page. Right now the page is under construction but there many links to other great sites available on this page. For those people who feel disclaimers are neccessary please read below:

**Disclaimer** The Fan Fiction on this page belongs to me. Permission for my Forever Knight Fan Fiction to be posted on and the FTP: Forever Knight Fan Fiction Site was given by me.

Let me begin by telling a little about myself and then about what you will find on this page. I am 31, I am divorced and I work for Speedway/SuperAmerica to help pay my bills. I also am an Assitant Instructor for a Tae Kwon Do class. Yes I hold a 2nd Dan(Degree)Black Belt. I am the co-manager of The Dean O'Gorman Official Fan Club and I attend various conventions and have worked several fan run conventions. I now have a Bio available for my on-line persona.

What you will find on this page once it's completed will be my fan fiction and pics from various conventions I attended plus the pics and a convention reports from the upcoming Hercules/Xena Con in Orlando,FLA in May. Pictures will also be up from the Con in San Francisco,California that will be held in Oct

Until This page is finished you will find various links to other great sites such as Whoosh, other Kevin Smith(Ares) pages, The Official Young Hercules Site,The Official Hercules The Legendary Journeys Site, The Save Young Hercules Petition, Creation Entertainment Web Site, Various types of Fan Fiction invloving the characters from all Hercules,Xena and Young Hercules. You will even find a link to The Forever Knight FTP Fiction Site and Mel Moser's Forever Knight Fan Fiction Site. Both of which I'm proud to say has my fan fiction posted on their sites that I wrote for Forever Knight. If you encounter any problems with this site or you have suggestions on how to improve it please feel free to email me

My Fan Fiction Titles From Hercules,Xena, Young Hercules and Forever Knight

My Favorite Links

AresFan's Ares God of War Page
The Dean O'Gorman Official Fan Club
The Official Young Hercules Web Site
Ped's Ares ( A KA Kevin Smith) Page
Aussie Amazons
Iolaus:The Legendary Journeys
Creation Entertainment
Hercules:The Legendary Journeys
Bruce Campbell Online
Save Young Hercules Petition
The Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Site
The Forever Knight FTP Fan Fiction Site
Mel Mosers Forever Knight Fan Fiction Site
Family Loyalties Page 1
Family Loyalties Page 2
Family Loyalties Page 3
YH: Blood Ties
Touch The Knight The Ties That Bind
The Return: Lost And Found Page 1
The Return: Lost And Found Page 2
To Make You Feel My Love
Family Loyalties Page 4
Family Loyalties Page 5


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