The Situation.
After unmeasured expanses of time wherein we searched for a web server that had unlimited space (sound files are huge) but was at the same time stupid enough to let us store our sounds on there and link to them from another site, we have given up. Fortuneately, since we first built the site, Angelfire has expanded the allotted space to 50 MB, where it used to be only 5 MB. This is not unlimited, however, with the result that we can't put whole songs up anymore; there simply isn't enough space. (La Vie Boheme in and of itself is 10 MB). So we will only be posting the smaller segments of songs, which is good, because it's not a copyright infringement, or, at least, less of one. Please don't send us angry emails. If you're adamant about getting the whole song, buy the CD; it's worth it. Or venture into the vast pit of copyright infringement commonly known as Napster. (We support it!) One further complication exists: for reasons that I won't go into, I only have an assorted few of the sounds on my computer here in Boston. The entirety of the sounds are on a computer in Bloomington, Indiana, and thus I won't have access to them until mid-summer. The end result is that only some of the sounds are up. We've alerted you as to which ones are available by the highly technical procedure of "If it's a link, it works." So enjoy, or attempt to.

The only sounds that we have here are from the Original Broadway Cast Recording CD. We've always planned to make bootlegs, but most of the time we end up sitting in our auditorium seats, looking at each other and saying, "Oh, dang, we were going to make a bootleg, weren't we?" Our major problem is that we don't have a recording device smaller than a stereo with a microphone hooked in.

TICKET TAKING LADY: What is that under your coat? Isn't it a --
US: (with a stereo shaped lump underneath our coat) It's nothing! It's a...strange growth!

Our point here is that all we have are various sounds from the CD. We hope to serve anyone who has seen it, or hasn't seen it, and is looking for something to tide them over until they buy the CD; also, the person who wants to snatch a quick sound for their own page (credit to us is always preferable). If you're looking for a vast assortment of sounds from many casts, we highly reccomend you check out Hear Rent which has more sounds than we thought were humanly possible.

Since sound files are so large, we were forced to compress them a little, so the sound quality is not as good, but should be satisfactory coming from tinny computer speakers. We have also included both the entire song (in most cases) and then excerpts from it, so that depending on how much you'd like to hear the whole song or your patience level, you can choose which you'd like to listen to. Enjoy!

Tune Up #1 850 KB



Light My Candle

Today 4 U

You'll See Boys

Tango: Maureen

Life Support

  • "Sorry, excuse me, oops..." 316 KB
  • "I'm a New Yorker. Fear's my life." 97.6 KB
  • "Look, I find some of what you teach suspect..." to end 816 KB

Out Tonight

  • Beginning to "...and flirt with a stranger" 924 KB
  • "Let's go..."(1) to "MEOW! Hah!" 619 KB
  • "Let's go..."(3) to end 1.12 MB

Another Day

  • "Another time/Another place..." to "...Come back another day/Another day" 440 KB
  • "The heart may freeze..." to "...No day but today" 1.11 MB
  • "I can't control... (Control your temper)" to end 2.01 MB

Santa Fe

  • "Let's open up a restaurant..." to "...and leave this to the roaches and mice" 775 KB
  • "Let's open up a restaurant..." to end 1.64 MB

I'll Cover You

  • Beginning to Angel: "...and I'll cover you" 456 KB
  • "Open your door..." to "I'll be there/And I'll cover you" 356 KB
  • "I think they meant it..."(2) to end 1.37 MB

Christmas Bells

  • "Christmas Bells are ringing..." 339 KB
  • The man: "And it's beginning to snow!" to end 2.13 MB

Over the Moon

  • "I gotta get out of here!" to "Only thing to do is jump over the moon" 834 KB
  • "Only thing to do/Only thing to do is jump..." to end 1.88 MB

La Vie Boheme

  • "Dearly beloved..." to " la vie Boheme!" 1.20 MB
  • Mark's solo 1.29 MB
  • "Bisexuals, trisexuals..." to "...La vie Boheme!" 803 KB

I Should Tell You

  • "I should tell I blew the candle out..." to "...well, here we go" 706 KB
  • "Testing desire..." to end 1.61 MB

La Vie Boheme B

  • "To faggots..." to end 1.18 MB

Seasons of Love

  • "In -- 525,600 minutes/How do you measure a year in the life?" to "...Seasons of love" 932 KB
  • "It's time now -- to sing out..." to end 1.05 MB

Happy New Year

  • "I'm giving up my vices..." to "...Happy New Year" 852 KB
  • "You can take the girl out of Hicksville..."> 102 KB

Happy New Year B

  • "Mimi, since your ways are so seductive..." to "I'm not her boyfriend, I don't care what she does"
  • "Let's make a resolution..." to end 1.89 KB

Take Me or Leave Me

  • Beginning to "...'Baby's so sweet'" 360 KB
  • "Take me for what I am..." to "...or leave me" 491 KB
  • "Don't fight -- Don't lose your head..." to "It won't work" 415 KB
  • "I look before I leap..." to "...what to do with my impromptu baby" 556 KB
  • Key change ("Take me for what I am...") to end 693 KB

Without You

  • "Without you, the hand gropes..." to end 1.82 MB


  • Angel's solo 996 KB

I'll Cover You -- Reprise

  • "I think they meant it..." to "...Something as true as this is" 760 KB
  • "Oh lover..."(full cast) to end 1.01 MB

Goodbye Love

  • "I'd be happy to die..." to "...I can't believe this is goodbye" 1.27 MB
  • "You don't want baggage..." to Roger's exit 898 KB
  • "Goodbye love, goodbye love..." 716 KB

What You Own

  • Beginning to "...You're what you own" 1.51 MB
  • "So I own not a notion..." to "...For once I didn't disengage" 943 KB
  • "Dying in America..." to end 1.01 MB

Your Eyes

  • "I should tell you..." to end 1.10 MB

Finale B

  • "I can't control... (Will I lose my dignity)" to end 2.18 MB

If you're thinking about buying the CD, our recomendation to you is to buy the full two-CD set and not The Best of Rent. There are lots of good songs that were left off in The Best of Rent, and eventually you're going to want to buy the whole thing anyway.