Our RENT list is a gathering (for the moment a small one) of people who love RENT. However, this list is not in any way confined to topics dealing with RENT; it's merely a way to meet other great people who love RENT and form a friendly little community. If you're looking for a list that only discusses RENT, this list isn't for you. Not to say that RENT discussions aren't welcome, but we don't always have something RENTy to say every single day. So if you'd like to meet and converse with other RENTheads such as yourself, sign up!

How to sign up:
The signing-up process is very long and complex. (Not really.) We've moved ourselves to egroups for various reasons, one of them being that if I go out of the country you can still join. If you're already an egroups member, go here. If you're not first go to and sign up, and then vist the list's page. Hope to talk to you soon!