We recently got an email from a person named Kelly, who suggested that we have a page which has examples of RENT fans singing RENT. Of course we thought it was a great idea, but didn't know how to begin until Kelly volunteered to start us off with a few .wavs of her beautiful singing. They're really incredible, and definately worth whatever download time you have. I hope someday we'll see Kelly in the part of Maureen or Mimi. Until then, listen to these. If you'd like your singing to appear on this page, hitch up that microphone and send us a .wav at everythingisrent@yahoo.com.

Kelly's wavs:

We got another email from a fellow JimFan, sending us some more sounds! These, too, are definately worth whatever time you have. Maybe we'll see Natalie and Megan on Broadway, in the parts of...Mark and Roger! Have fun listening.