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Dravida Peravai has a green agenda and as a party it had dealt with many issues of ecological importance since its inception. The future of Tamil Nadu causes grave concern. Continental drift and the resultant geo fractures are going to alter the landscape of Tamil nadu beyond recognition and it is left to our imagination to foresee what is in store. In this connection we would reproduce an article written by DRAVIDA PERAVAI GENERAL SECRETARY N.NANDHIVARMAN in THE OTHERSIDE magazine October 1997 issue and edited by GEORGE FERNANDES. This article cautions about the enviro-scenario in the UNION TERRITORY OF PONDICHERRY.

WILL PONDICHERRIANS BECOME ECOLOGICAL REFUGEES? N.Nandhivarman Pondicherry, a word born out of the Frenchmen's tongue is a variation of the Tamil word Pudhucheri, which means "new settlement". Now at the fag end of this century, we Pondicherrians have to engage in the quest for new settlements. The danger of becoming ecological refugees looms large. This is neither soothsaying nor a prophecy of doom. a forewarning to plan our resource use in a proper manner to avert this eventuality. A REPORT ON THE GROUND WATER SURVEY AND EXPLORATION IN THE UNION TERRITORY OF PONDICHERRY AND ITS ENVIRONS prepared by a team of experts of the Central Ground Water Board southern region (page 13) contains following observations. The general strike of the cretaceous-Paleocene formations trends NE-SW with gentle dips ranging from 2 to 5 towards South-East. The Cuddalore sandstone formation though maintains the same strike, shows a dip upto 10.The cretaceous and Paleocene beds form an inlier having been exposed due to the denudation of the overlying Cuddalore formation which overlap them completely. A low angle fault trending in NNE-SSW direction is inferred from Mudrapalayam. This fault passes just West of the bore holes drilled by Oil and Natural Gas Commission at Mudrapalayam and Muratandichavidi which when extended passes close to Rayapudhupakkam where rocks show high and irregular dips. Probably this fault takes a swerve towards North-east beyond Rayapudhupakkam and runs along the outcrop contact between the Manaveli and Kadaperikuppam formations met with in the Oil and Natural Gas Commission bore hole at Murattandichavidi is marked by breocinted clay stone indicating probably a fault zone. The limited thickness of Kadeperikuppam formation in the bore holes at Koluveri, Mudrapalayam and Murattandichavadi appears to be the result of the aforesaid faulting. It is presumed that this fault is met with much below at depth further North of the slim hole at Alankuppam. Photo-geological study has also confirmed the existence of the fault to the West of the coast-line a straight scrap running almost parallel to PONDICHERRY-MARAKKANAM (EAST COAST ROAD).The straight coast-line along the Pondicherry coast is also indicative of some structural dislocations. These observations made since March 1973 contain the shocking news about faults otherwise known as geofractures. Dr. S.M. Ramaswamy, Director of the Centre for Remote sensing of BHARATHIDASAN UNIVERSITY explaining the findings of his project RIVER MIGRATION TAMILNADU , in the interview to THE HINDU says: But in the East-North-East-West-South-West (ENE-WSW) trending faults on the contrary are showing left handed(sinistral) ongoing translational movements and again the North-West-South-East trending are showing right handed(dextral) translation movement. Such sinisterly and dextrally moving faults display definite morphotectonic anomalies in the remotely sensed data and also in the field. In addition, there is a conspicuous land subsidence between Pondicherry in the North_east and Cumbum valley in the South-West. The same scholar in an article in the Journal of the Indian society of Remote sensing dated September 1993 observes: One such graben has been established along NE-SW trending faults in between Pondicherry-Cuddalore in the north-east and Cumbum valley in the south-west (Kodaikanal and Cumbum valley).It is significant to observe that such earthquake epicenters fall along such NE-SW trending fault in Pondicherry, Cuddalore, Ariyalur, Dindigul and Kodaikanal. The findings of the Central Ground Water Board and the findings based on photographs taken by remote sensing have confirmed the existence of faults.i.e geofractures and the earthquake epicenters in our Pondicherry region. Let us seek the same scholar's advice on actions to be taken. The present analysis shows that the NS trending quarternary faults and the NE-SW trending quarternary reactivated faults are seismicity prone in Tamilnadu. Hence CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN IN AVOIDING DEVELOPMENTAL ACTIVITIES IN THE FORM OF URBANIZATION

AN OPEN LETTER TO TAMILNADU CHIEF MINISTER DR.KALAIGNAR M.KARUNANITHI The letter was sent on 28.7.1997. Time has come for your government to evolve suitable and ecofriendly industrialization. Nature is going to unleash its fury at a time of its own choice. Our steps should be measured and we have to save life of future generations also. In the aftermath of the Maharastrian earth quake that hit Latur district, scientists have found South to be vulnerable for such disasters. Dr.S.M.Ramasamy, Director Centre for Remote Sensing, Bharathidasan University in an interview to THE HINDU dated March 20 th 1996 said that the EAST-NORTHEAST-WEST-SOUTHWEST trending faults on the contrary are showing left handed(sinistral) ongoing translational movements and again the NORTHWEST-SOUTHEAST trending faults are showing right handed(dextral)translational movements. Such sinistrally and dextrally moving faults display definite morphotectonic anomalies in the remotely sensed data and also in the field. In addition there is conspicuous land subsidence between Pondicherry in the northeast and CUMBUM VALLEY in the Southwest. The same scholar writing in the JOURNAL OFTHE INDIAN SOCIETY OF REMOTE SENSING dated 13 th September 1993 observes:"One such graben has been established along NE-SW trending faults in between Pondicherry-Cuddalore in the NORTH EAST and CUMBUM VALLEY IN THE SOUTH WEST(KODAIKANAL AND CUMBUM VALLEY).It is significant to observe that the earth quake epicenters fall along such NE-SW trending fault in PONDICHERRY,CUDDALORE,ARIYALUR,DINDIGUL and KODAIKANAL. In the past 100 years around 70 tremors had occurred in Tamilnadu in a 3-4 rictor scale. The tremor in Coimbatore around 1900 alone touched 6 rictor scale.The studies by satellite reveal Arokonam, Vaniyambadi, Polur, Tiruvannamalai, Vellore, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Mettur, Salem, Kodaikanal, Dindigul, Ariyalur, Cuddalore, Pondicherry and Chennai as epicenters with number of tremors. Science has issued the forewarning. It is our duty to take precautionary steps. Dravida Peravai urges the Government of Tamilnadu to study the three classes of fracture systems of Tamilnadu namely; 1. Pre-cambrian fracture systems (ENE-WSW, NE-SW.WNW-ESE and NNW-SSE trending sets. 2. Precambrian fractures reactivated during Quarternary times (NE-SW,WNW-ESE trending faults 3. Uuarternary fractures (N-S trending sets with frequent oscillations to NNW-SSE to NNE-SSW Especially N-S and NE-SW trending fault which runs through Pondicherry,Cuddalore,Ariyalur, Dindigul,and Kodaikanal are pollution accentuating fractures. Hence it requires a detailed study on the advisability of setting up of pollution discharging industries in this region. The environmental degradation is caused through human and natural reasons. * Excessive deforestation, soil erosion and reservoir siltation * Slope cutting, slope instability,and resultant landslides *Improper site selection for river valley projects and related reservoir-induced seismicities. *Obstruction of littoral currents and coastal erosion *Pollution from industries and contamination of surface water bodies *Cutting of stabilized dumes and sand advances *Excessive withdrawal of coastal zone aquifer and salt water intrusion and *Marine pollution etc. While keeping generalities in mind Dravida Peravai has some specifics to project.You may be aware that POOMPUHAR, the sea port of CHOZHA EMPIRE remains submerged in Bay of Bengal.SIRKAZHI, a coastal town has become an inland town kilometers away from the coast.With these alarming examples in mind a detailed study of the coastal zone aquifer and salt water intrusion due to excessive withdrawal of ground water should be ordered.Due to green house effect it is scientifically proven that sea level is rising year by year.Scientists have predicted that around 2100 A.D, the sea level will rise from 0.5 to 1.5 meters. Amongst the 1000 kilometers of Tamilnadu coast 10 to 100 kilometers, the land level is below the sea level.And with the rise of sea level not only salt water intrusion but also submergence could happen. Tamilnadu is already utilizing 95% of its surface water and 60% of ground water.Water requirements calculated by scientists for the year 2000 A.D will be 6.8 million h.m but the availability will be 5.0 h.m and deficit will be 1.8milliom h.m. In view of this there should be TOTAL BAN ON WATER INTENSIVE INDUSTRIES IN TAMIL NADU AS WELL AS IN PONDICHERRY. It has been found that in most of the coastal Tamilnadu sea water intrusion has resulted in the salinisation of the ground water. a) MINJUR area of Tiruvullur district upto 10 kilometres from the seacoast water stands affected.Upto 50 meters depth this is noticeable.The OVEREXPLOITATION OF GROUND WATER IN AREAS AROUND MINJUR has exceeded 7 million gallons per day. b)In the eastern part of Thiruthuraipoondi, Vedaranyam,and Kodikarai of Nagapattinam district c)Mudugulathoor of Ramanathapuram district d)And the coastal tracts of Pudukottai District are facing salinisation of ground water not because of overdrawal of ground water but because these areas were reclaimed from sea due to natural phenomenon.The available studies indicate that throughout the 1000 kms of coastal belt of Tamil Nadu every year 40 million kld of ground water is bound to become unfit for drinking.The PERCAPITA NATIONAL AVAILABILITY OF WATER IS 1200 kl BUT IN TAMILNADU it is 720 kl. Dravida Peravai urges that the research on the possibilities of EARTHQUAKES IN TAMILNADU undertaken by Tiruchy Bharathidasan University with the financial help of Tamil nadu be made public.Dravida Peravai urges Tamil Nadu government to study that report and take necessary precautionary measures. Dravida Peravai urges Tamil Nadu government to evolve comprehensive water management policy keeping in view the anticipated scarcity of the coming century. Dravida Peravai urges the Government of Tamilnadu to order for a scientific study on the quantum of marine pollution and direct Tamil nadu Pollution Control Board to ensure that treated and untreated discharges of various factories situated in the coast does not affect the marine food chain and through it the health of the human beings. Dravida Peravai urges the DMK government to think beyond its term of office and develop a clear cut policy frame work on the green issues that will have its impact on the people of Tamil Nadu in the distant future. THESE APPEALS HAVE FALLEN ON DEAF EARS. OPPOSITION PARTIES OF TAMILNADU HAVE NO CLEAR VISION AS RULERS BASK UNDER THE GLORY OF POWER THE OPPOSITION GOES TO SLUMBER WITH LUST FOR POWER. TAMIL PEOPLE MUST AWAKEN TO THE CRISIS AND NEXT MILLENNIUM MUST SEE TAMILS EMERGING STRONGER TO FIGHT FOR THEIR SECURE FUTURE IN THEIR TRADITIONAL HOMELANDS. ON CONTINENTAL DRIFT: In a paper presented to Pondicherry History Congress :Second annual session held on 20.09.97 N.Nandhivarman traced the ENVIRO HISTORY OF PONDICHERRY AND THE IMPORTANCE OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES His opening remarks are given below: Continents are drifting throughout pre and post historical periods.Tamilnadu is replete with literary evidences on the havoc caused by such drifts. Continents so far are placed on 12 plates.The Scientists of Colombia University New york, especially of the Earth Observatory Laboratory confirm that Indo-australian plate, south of Equator, beneath Indian Ocean has broken into two and each is moving in one direction.Thirteenth plate has thus come into existence. In the last 50 million years Indian subcontinent is drifting @ 5 cms a year towards North.Tibetian plateau and the Himalayas bear the brunt of this mounting pressure.The ALTYN TAGH FAULT i.e GEO FRACTURE EXTENDS 2200 kms IN CHINA.Underneath our Indian OCEAN FROM EAST TO WEST OF EQUATOR AROUND 960 KMS ARE SUBJECTED TO INTENSE PRESSURE. Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean are expanding.Pacific Ocean is receding.America and Asia is moving closer and perhaps after 100 million years a new CONTINENT OF AMASIA WILL COME TO THE FORE.

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