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1. As a regular writer in the official organs of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam such as Murasoli, Namnadu, Kazhaga Kural, Tamil mani, Malai Mani and Vidhuthalai of Dravida Kazhagam particularly during the dark days of emergency imposed by Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, the present General Secretary of Dravida Peravai had espoused the cause of Tamil EELAM. To cite few instance, the article, EZHA THAMIZHARUM KOZHAI THAMIZARUM written in the 5.2.1978 issue of NAMNADU, the official organ of DMK and edited by KALAIGNAR M. KARUNANTHI stands testimony of the consistent support extended to the Eelam struggle.

2. The strong letter written to Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on 26.10.1987 wherein N. Nandhivarman stated that "the scars of the full scale war to annihilate our race will remain for generations to come. The curse of the Tamil race will see the dawn of your doom." It should be noted that in these years N. Nandhivarman was undergoing a self imposed political exile beginning from 15.9.78.

3. An all party meeting convened by DRAVIDA ILAINGAR PERAVAI urged the United Nations Human Rights Commission to stop the genocidal war on Srilankan Tamilians and take steps to lift the economic blockade of the Tamil Areas. INDIAN EXPRESS(4.8.95) story under the heading HUMAN RIGHTS PANEL URGED TO STOP GENOCIDE IN LANKA, Dinamani" Ilangai Prechnai: Iy. Na. Manitha urimai Kuzhuvukku Pudhuvai ethir Katchigal thagaval, THE HINDU: UN body urged to end conflict in Sri Lanka etc, are few examples of newspaper titles.

4. Dravida Peravai wrote to Indian Defence Minister Mulayam Singh Yadhav urging him to stop Indian army from training Lankan army. (July 29/1996 INDIAN EXPRESS, Dinakaran and Daily Thanthi carried this news.

5. Dravida Peravai wrote to United Nations Secretary General Mr.Boutrous Boutrous Chali to intervene and save Eelam Tamils from genocide.(30.09.96)

6. Dravida Peravai participated in the Public meeting convened to condemn killings of Eelam Tamils on (9.1.97)

7. 7 parties coordinated by Dravida Peravai wrote to President Bill Clinton condemning the American army's green berets(hat commandos) training Lankan soldiers, (Dinamani 26.2.97 carried this news)

8. Dravida Peravai urged Amnesty International to intervene and secure the release of 9 Eelam Tamils illegally detained at Visakapatinam(29.3.97)

9. Dravida Peravai took up the above said detention issue with National Human Rights Commission (29.05.97)

10. In the EELAM CONFERENCE banned by Centre at Delhi on 14.12.97 and convened by GEORGE FERNANDES M.P, N. Nandhivarman spoke in English and presented a paper.

11. Dravida Peravai participatd in the Eelam Tamil Resurgence Conference convened by Mr. Pazha.Nedumaran at Madurai(7.3.99)