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"Dragon’s Nest"

“I don’t see why we have to take the eggs. Why can’t we just let them hatch and
take them then?” Asked Elaira. “It seems much simpler that way. “Because,” said Niffa, “ if we take them now then when they hatch they won’t see us first. That’s the only way they bond to humans. If we aren’t there in the same room as the hatchlings then they ignore us or go hunter mode.” “Well, I still don’t see why we can’t camp outside the caves when they’re almost ready to hatch. It would still be easier than dragging these tons of rocks back to the keep,” Elaira stated firmly. “Don’t start on it again Elaira. You’ll only annoy Taira more and you don’t want to do that again do you?” Elaira could still remember the last time her uncle had gotten sick of her complaining, she hadn’t been able to sit comfortably for over a week.