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None of these pictures are mine, follow the links to email the people who really drew/painted(whatever they did to make it look so cool)... Also, if you want your art on the page, email it to me (hopefully already already in jpg format so i don't have to mess with it) w/ your website if you have one...

"Lord of Skies"

Soaring through the skies,
Knifing through the thermals,

Dragon rules the air.

Wind blows, while rain falls;
Dragon lies in its cavernous lair.

Leathery wings taught,
Stretched out to greet the dawn,
Reaching for the yesterdays;
While ancient eyes,
Seek out the paths of tomorrow.

Dragon rules the day.

Light fades, while darkness descends,
The starlight gleams from dragon hide.

Dragon rules the night.

"Dragon in Flight"

The most majestic thing,
That I have ever seen,
Is the all-encompassing splendor,
Of a dragon in flight.

With wings spread wide,
Riding through the thermals,
And those same leathery wings,
Knifing into puffy clouds of purity.

Golden scales flashing,
Neck arched so regally,
And tail twining with the wind,
Lethal claws and head held high.

Eyes so enchanting,
Great golden orbs,
Able to see through the mists of time,
And piercing the veil of worlds.


The soft, tan egg;
Burried under the sand,
Hardening until the summer dawn blooms.

Little dragon's tooth,
Peaking through a crack,
The shell is coming undone.

Baby dragon coming forth,
Spreading membraneous wings wide,
To dry in the whispering fires.

Enormous, shimmering eyes,
Blink against the brightness,
Of the harsh reality outside the nest.

"Will you survive, Brighteyes?"


Each scale perfect in its creation,

Your strength shines through the armour,

Spine arched so regally,

You know not the elegance of your ways,

Wings the span of a hundred men,

Yet they are but membranous skin,

Your every breath is a wonder,

What god could have ever created you?

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