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The most common request for information on a daily basis is for pics of baby birds for identification purposes. Emailing these can take up a big part of a day sometimes so we have compiled a few pics and will post them here and on several of Doodah’s sites. More pics will be added as time allows.
Baby Bird ID Pics

While we haven’t had time to make many changes to the site here are a few of last years projects.
"Larry Bird (Pics of baby Sparrows)"
"Sweet Pea"

Doo-Dah, The amazing diving Starling.
Taking a bath in the tub.
I'm a very clean critter indeed, if I haven't had a TUB bath for awhile, I will jump up and down and chatter loudly until my people start walking though the house, at which time I lead the way to the bathroom and dive-bomb the tub to let them know my wishes.

After a long warm bath, there is nothing like taking a nap on a nice warm arm.

Doo-Dah, The amazing talking Starling. Yes, I talk! Being a member of the Mynah Bird family we are able to talk and mimick various whistles and other noises. Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT have to split our tongue. And,YES, my people were VERY surprised when they first heard a very clear "Pretty girl, yes you are." amoungst the twittering. I also say "Pretty baby!" and "Pretty baby birdie." The "chuckling" puts everyone in stitches, I love it when they laugh with me.

Screamimg "Pretty Bird!, Pretty Bird!" and fighting for his life cause he doesn't want to go to his room for the night.

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The Starlingaires joined the flock in April of 2000. They were found in the vacant second floor of a commercial building. The Mother and a sibling were dead.

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Indica has a new critter page under construction. Check it out and watch it grow.
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Joan and Birdie live in Pennsylvania and would be interested in hearing from other Starling Moms… on the pic to email Joanie & Birdie
We promised short profiles of some Starling friends back in October. Most of Merlouille's pics have been up that long but we were waiting for his story…Anne is very busy so look at the pics till the story is ready…and don’t forget to sign Merlouille's Guest Book.
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