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Today's Date (for those of you with less than no clue)

Well, that idea worked for awhile, but then something screwed it up, so I went back to the old format. I think all the links are working now, so y'all have no right to complain anymore. I've given up on updating the pic...there hasn't been a good one taken of me in years, so you're stuck looking at me when I was 17:

Ok, I admit it, I've been holding out... CLICK HERE FOR "NEW" PICS

I'm (STILL) working on a few different essays to add to the collection, and they'll probably be more cynic-based instead of the essays that I've written lately that aren't so cynical. I'm also writing a book and eventually I'll post the first few chapters so anyone that wants to read it can get a sneak preview. That is, if I can get past the first chapter. D'OH!


OnyxSkye (member since 1977)

OMG It's a Brand-Spankin' New Essay!! (08/02/01)

Sorry, I have enough me in fifty years, k?

Reaction To A High School Tragedy

Tragedy...OnyxStyle =-(

The Things I Wrote About When There Was Nothing Else To Write About

Don't ask me what I was thinking, you'll read it all here

It's depressing, It's discouraging, it's my life

Here's a story...bout a lovely lady

I may be an idiot, but at least I can entertain myself

Why only people who know what they're buying should be allowed to shop

Even bad writers have an off week every once in awhile

If you're a (movie) addict and you know it clap your hands

A memorial to one of the greatest men in my life

The Holiday Essays...Dated, but still good

One of the many reasons I hate Thanksgiving

Who says kids in thongs are cute?

A man...a legends are made

You won't see no stinkin easter bunnies here

they took my money, they took my pride, and used it so Clinton could be aquittified

Another year older, pretending not to be wiser

Trick or Treat? Scary Stories to Read at Night

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