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CyBer HaNgout of the SaiLor SeNshi !
Hiya ! Welcome to CyBeR ToKyO , CyBeR HaNgOuT of the SaiLoR SeNsHi ! Just if ure wondering where u really are , ure in CyBeR CeNtRaL . Here , they hangout just for a good time ! And since ure here , look around and stop by every now and then . Bring friends !

FaV. SeNsHi PoLL
Who's ure favorite SaiLoR SeNsHi ?


CyBeR ToKyO was created on September 7, 1999, and was last updated on Friday November 19 , 1999 . This page is still under some construction , so i'd recommend using 'frames' Cyber tokyo . If u can find a really cool layout on this page please e-mail me :