Fate: Beginnings...
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The current best seller is Alien Force: First Wave Part 1.

Alien Force #2
Alec finds the true reason the aliens have hit Earth and follows them to a secret base.

Spy Series Ep. 1
Choose your character and then follow his or her actions, deciding their choices through the first episode of the series.
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The Quest of Mebix
Mebix, a fierce forest warrior, has sent himself to stop the United Ninja Order. The hero's quest will take him from high in the mountains to deep under the sea. He will encounter many enemies, but can he restore peace to the land?
ERD: Unknown

CC&C Magazine #1
Inside this magazine you will find multiple reviews and previews that range all the new gaming systems.
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Fate: Beginnings

A planet has just been born. We watch from a distance as the hand of Fate molds this land into his own image. Life has sprung, but not just in one place. In fact, life has bloomed all over the planet. From high in the mountains to far in the woods, live creatures with thoughts & emotions. Evil minds have come into play.


"A freezing cold lance of ice shot at Fenris’ shoulder. He cried in pain when he felt the flesh freeze away. Then, his assailant lurked into view. Like a menacing statuette carved from snow, an ice troll towered before him."


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