Ghost Tracks - Prelude
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Ghost Tracks - Prelude


Ghosts remain one of the most feared and awe-striking phenomena of life... or death. Mystical orbs, white mists, and strange photographs line the racks of evidence in favor of these phantoms while hundreds of books are written yearly about them. Stories are even passed orally from generation to generation telling tales of murderers who haunt homes and slaughtered victims seeking revenge from beyond the grave. But how much substance do these tales really contain? I intend to either prove or debunk one of these ghost stories in the name of journalism.

Several students of Speedway Public Schools are convinced spirits roam the abandoned tracks on the night of Halloween. Granted, these are younger children, but every story has a sliver of truth in it somewhere. The stories do not tell of whom the spirits are for certain but many believe they are the disembodied personifications of dead train passengers or engineers. A tale is even told of a run-away train that took several souls to their grave many years ago. To find merit in these ghost tales, I will have to explore the “haunted tracks” myself and document my findings. Wish me luck, CM Lubinski signing off; Halloween begins in less than one hour...