Spy Series
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The current best seller is Alien Force: First Wave Part 1.

Alien Force #2
Alec finds the true reason the aliens have hit Earth and follows them to a secret base.

Spy Series Ep. 1
Choose your character and then follow his or her actions, deciding their choices through the first episode of the series.
ERD: Unknown

The Quest of Mebix
Mebix, a fierce forest warrior, has sent himself to stop the United Ninja Order. The hero's quest will take him from high in the mountains to deep under the sea. He will encounter many enemies, but can he restore peace to the land?
ERD: Unknown

CC&C Magazine #1
Inside this magazine you will find multiple reviews and previews that range all the new gaming systems.
ERD: Unknown

Key month assignments:
CMC - Burst Out, MotM2
McDonnel - MIA
Setcoski - MIA
Hasz - MIA

Spy Series

You are a secret agent in the totally classified group of operatives known only by their call-sign: Red Eagle. This group's whole existence is to stop or intercept threats to the security of the United States of America. As one of their agents your job is to follow the mission orders and complete the mission.Your jobs will vary from infiltrating bases, to killing traitors, and much more. Will you survive? Where are these missions leading to? Who is behind them? Why? Find out by playing Spy Series.

"Spy Series is Chris' Comics & CPU's first Q-basic game ever being sold. It will also come out as a Windows verson of the series with advanced animation & sounds. It is a quite simple game of answering questions with multiple choice, or with actual whole words (in QB). These questions range from what your call-sign(QB) is to whether you should kill the man, run, or phone back to HQ. Will you succeed? Or will you die a horrible death? Be ready with your weapons, because you're heading out....."



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