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The current best seller is Alien Force: First Wave Part 1.

Alien Force #2
Alec finds the true reason the aliens have hit Earth and follows them to a secret base.

Spy Series Ep. 1
Choose your character and then follow his or her actions, deciding their choices through the first episode of the series.
ERD: Unknown

The Quest of Mebix
Mebix, a fierce forest warrior, has sent himself to stop the United Ninja Order. The hero's quest will take him from high in the mountains to deep under the sea. He will encounter many enemies, but can he restore peace to the land?
ERD: Unknown

CC&C Magazine #1
Inside this magazine you will find multiple reviews and previews that range all the new gaming systems.
ERD: Unknown

Key month assignments:
CMC - Burst Out, MotM2
McDonnel - MIA
Setcoski - MIA
Hasz - MIA


Professor and fire-arm guru, Collin Marks, has just discovered an amazing device, the Mini-moleculator. This object has the ability to shrink any other object, alive or inaniment, to a smaller size for a short period of time. He was very excited about this invention and even created a small obstical course to test it on with a skilled gymnast. Unfortunatly, his rival, Kevin McCoy, has decided to make an early test run. One dark night, McCoy broke into Prof. Marks' office, shrinking Marks to less than 1/25th his size. Then, breaking open experimental animal cages, he placed Marks into the obstical course, along with these creatures. Now Marks must escape with his life.

Design Diary
8/31/02- I've set up the basics for the entire game in one level. Mini-Dude, ants, movement, levels of difficulty, sound fx, gravity, values, etc. are in place. Animations took the longest, but it took some time to write some bg music for this level. I'll try to make a whole new soundtrack for this game.
9/07/02- The first and second levels are complete, at least as far as I know. They already have load screens, autosave, difficulties, music, etc. set in. There are three enemies so far: black ant, red ant, and some weird fly thing. I've made three bg midis, one for the load screen and one for each level this far.
09/15/02- I've been working on the third level animations this week. The weird bee-thingie is going to have to shoot his stinger at Mini-Dude, and I think that I can accomplish this animation by making the bee face the other direction(away from Mini-Dude) and then fire. Kinda strange I know, but we will see how it works.
Later on: I basically finished level 3 today, the only thing I'm missing is the bee death animation). Oh yeah, I didn't really worry about having the bees turn around or anything when they shoot, and the stingers travel pretty slow, so you can try to avoid them.
09/16/02- The first through fourth levels are completed.
09/18/02- Finished fifth level, has a mini-boss.
09/30/02- Worked on 6th level, got turtle animations. Also, set the ground work for turtle shell shield and the snap action. Hehehe you'll see.
10/01/02- Having difficulties with the snapping turtles. McDonnel wants to see some screenshots of MiniDude, so I might release some alpha screens.
10/02/02- Finished sixth level, save music. I released the screen shots from alpha. It isn't much but it still looks cool I think.
10/10/02- Made music for the sixth level but apparently I already made some at one point in time. Therefore I have level seven music with no level seven.
11/09/02- Finished level seven; it has baby bunnies.
11/17/02- Finished 8th Level including music. The next level will have everything even smaller and the final level will be a fire-fight in the real world.
11/24/02- Finished almost all of the 9th level, I just need to put in the ray gun and the switch.
12/01/02- As far as I know the ninth level is finished. It looks pretty good too.
12/09/02- Finished music for the last level, it sounds cool. Also put a lead shield in some of the floors at the ninth level. This means the bee stingers wont pass through them.
12/15/02- The tenth level will have a strange possibility. The hard way is to win on the first frame, the easy is to win on the second. You'll find out later. I finished the bg, two deffensive (but destroyable) crates, as well as a lamp, complete with breakable rope. This is also something similar to a cut-scene so I'm using the "Pump-Sketch" art form for more realistic body poses.
12/21/02- The first part of the tenth level looks good. Basically, the enemy stands still while he shoots at you. If you aren't up, his shots hit your deffensive block. Every time you get up you have to re-center.
01/07/03- The first part of the tenth level is done (except the links to new level) for Alpha version. Second part is still being worked on. It has a randomness factor of being hit. In easy you have a 30% chance, in medium you have a 50%, and in hard you have a 70% chance. These might be altered later.
01/20/03- Alpha version seems done. I'm going to finish the art though, so keep your ears tuned.
01/30/03- I've sent the Alpha to be tested.

Great Features

  • Original Music
  • Four Weapons (including the W.P.N. knife)
  • Most Original Animation
  • At least 10 levels
  • Simple Gameplay
  • Three skill levels
  • Created By The Head Of Chris' Comics & CPU
  • Reviewed Before Publishing
  • Voice Fx
  • Cinimatics
  • Alpha-Beta Versions
  • First CC&C game to use "Pump-Sketch" Cut-Scenes




  • Price: $1
  • Platform: Windows
  • Space: Unknown
  • Other: A Sound Device Capable Of Playing Both Midi's And Wave's