Welcome to my bishounen list!! This is just something put together out of boredom and lack of sanity after a long day at school, so if you're a bit concerned about me, no need! So without further adieu, I'll quit babbeling and let ya view the bishounen :D I'm forever open to new bishounen, if you have one that you think is better than the bishounen on my list, please, I encourage you to e-mail me a pic(the addy will be at the bottom of the page)! Aah, let's all remember though, I don't want flames saying my bishounen suck, after all, they're only ink on paper, ne? ^_^

Oh yeah! And none of these pics are mine! I got em off various sites and stuff, so credit goes to the maker/scanner of the pics, not me ^_^;;

*Some of the numbers have more than one bishounen at them, this is because they're couples or groups of favorite characters, and I love em all so much I can't choose between! So I figure, what the hell, they can all take the number ^_^;

1) Kamui

- I'm pretty sure Kamui's the prettiest guy in anime ^_^ well, maybe not the prettiest, since I don't know of very many animes, but he sure is one of them! He's from X/1999, one of my fav's by CLAMP.

2) Seishirou and Subaru

- There're two here simply because I couldn't choose between them ^_^ Seishirou, the older man, is my absolute favorite character being how he's so damn evil and smooth. But Subaru, the younger boy, is so bishounen and sweet I couldn't not put him here! This pic is from Tokyo Babylon, but they're also featured in X/1999!

3) Yukito and Touya

- Another one with two guys! Yukito, the one with silver hair, is my favorite out of the two, he's funny, toothachingly sweet, and bishounen to boot! But then there's Touya...^_^ I love this guy because he's way sexy, cool, reminds me of Hiei(from Yu Yu Hakusho), and his 'sister complex' is cute ^_^ besides, you simply can't have Yukito without Touya! They're both from Card Captor Sakura.

4) Fuuma

- Aaaah, another one of those soooo evil yet soooo attractive it hurts kind of guys! Well, maybe doesn't hurt...but anyways, I was thinking of sticking him up with Kamui, seems how he's about favoured equally with him(if not more so), but Fuuma's just not pretty enough ^_^ He's from X/1999, same as Kamui.

5) Kaoru and Shinji

- *dramatic gasp* Not CLAMP bishounen?! My God!! Again, it's a pairing ^_^ Kaoru's probably the favoured out of the two, I love silver hair and something about red eyes too...but Shinji, the one with black hair, is so adorable and cute you just wanna wrap him up and take him home! Well...I do ^_^ They're from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

6) Trowa and Quatre

- Yet another pair ^_^; I seem to have a decision making problem! Oiy, you try choosing between all these yummy bishounen ^_^ Anywho, onto the boys, the one with dark hair and the one green eye is Trowa. I have to say he's my favorite, but Quatre, the blonde, is a lot like Shinji. He's adorable, sweet, and you just can't refuse him! Besides, they look good together, ne? ^_^ They're both from Gundam Wing.

7) Kentarou and Takeshi

- These two guys are funny as hell! The one on the left is Kentarou(Kenpi), and the one on the right is Takeshi(Takepon). They're power-ranger like superheroes I guess you could call them, and Campus Cop Dukylon is more or less a spoof on all the shows like Power Rangers. Takeshi is my personal favorite, but with Kentarou constantly chasing him around with the life long ambition to be "the perfect bride" how could I leave him out?! ^_^ Besides, it's not like he isn't bishounen either!

8) Zechs

- Zechs gets a spot all to himself simply because he's just so stunning ^_^ Heh, well, if you ask me anyways! Zechs's alternate identity is Miliard Peacecraft(I like the Zechs better :P) and he's probably the coolest "bad guy" in Gundam Wing! I was thinking of sticking Treize with Zechs here, but Treize is just too scary...O_o;

9) Gourry

- Bet you never thought Gourry could look so damn good in leather, eh? *grins* If you look at this pic you might think Gourry's one of those evil, sexy, smooth, silent types that every anime must have...well...it'd be nice if he was, but poor Gourry's been given the short end of the stick in the brains area, making him the typical ditz that every anime must also have! Mind you...in Slayers...just about every second character fits the ditz description! It's ok though, because Gourry more than makes up for it by being sweet and cute ^_^;

10) Duo and Heero

- Aaaah, the ever psychotic Heero, the one in spandex, and the almost always cheerful Duo! Duo being the one with the braid. Oiy, what a pair! But if you think about it, they're perfect for each other. I happen to like Duo better, there's definately something to be said for long hair, but Heero's one of those guys you wanna huggle and tell him it'll be ok...as long as he doesn't shoot or maim you in the process O_o; both definately aren't lacking in the looks department either ^_^ they're from Gundam Wing.

11) Tasuki and Kouji

- Nothing better than a couple of goofy bandits with fangs and strange habits! Tasuki, the one with bright orange hair, happens to be the favoured out of the two, but that's probably because he gets more than 15 min. of air time in the series ~_~; He has fangs, and a mouth that'd put a sailor to shame, but he's funny and a goof, and I personally think the fangs are sexy ^_~ Kouji, the one with blue hair, is just as sexy with his scar, and just as funny with his silly little monologues. Together, they always look like they're having a really good time ^_^ They're from Fushigi Yuugi.

12) Shinobu and Mitsuru

- Shinobu's the one with the grey/silver hair, and again, I state the favoured first ^_^ I don't know much about Here Is Greenwood, but from what I see, it somewhat resembles CLAMP Campus Detectives(featured below). Mitsuru's the other, the one with red eyes, and he's cool as well. Together, they pick on the main character of the anime mercilessly, but it's not like they're mean, and what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger..right? ^_^

13) Weiß Kreuz Assassins

- *drowns in a puddle of drool* Ooooh man ^_^ now here's a load of eyecandy if I've ever seen one! Starting top left corner and going clockwise the characters are as follows: Ken, Omi, Aya, and Youji. Their day occupation is flourists O_o but I guess if you don't want anyone to know you're an assassin, that's the way to go! Each one has a code name after a cat, but I dun feel like typing those @_@

14) Ferio

- And CLAMP out does themselves again with this Magic Knight Rayearth bishounen ^_^ he kind of reminds me of a Tasuki with green hair crossed with a Kenshin. He's very sweet, and if I could've found a picture with Clef in it as well I would have stuck him here too @_@

15) CLAMP Campus Detectives

- SUGOI!!! The reason these CLAMP cuties are down here is because they're not quite grown up enough yet to be real bishounen :D They have some major potential though! As a matter of fact, they do make a few cameo appearances in X as all grown up ^_^ They aged very nice if you ask me :D (grown up pic courtesy of Chi no Ryu page ^_^ it's in the links! Go there!)

A Few Links

Here's a few of the sites I got this stuff off of. Also a few that I didn't but they have cute stuff, so I put em up anyways ^_^;

Anipike- This place is the search I used to find almost ALL the pages I got my pics and info from. You can find almost ANY anime here if there's a page on the net about it!
Chi no Ryu- Way wicked page with all sorts of different types of anime, mostly X, and lots of shrines and all that! The Fuuma shrine's awesome ^_^
Gundam Wing- This place has hundreds of beautiful pics from doujinshi, manga, screen-shots, and artbooks. It also has lots of comupter goodies, and information of the series. A highly recommended page for GW fans.
CLAMP fan fiction- My favorite site for CLAMP fanfics, I dunno about you, but I just can't get enough of that stuff ^_^
Mre-Mre Land- This place is similar to mine, but not quite. It has best and worst anime guys, and girls. It's worth going to just to read the comments ^_^
Ai no Kuusou- WARNING!!! This page features Yaoi content! You don't like it, fine, don't click here ^_^ If you do, then I highly suggest this page! Features Doujinshi from many many animes/manga's! *if you don't know what yaoi is, please don't click here until you find out what it is.*
Firecat's Fanfics- I love Firecat's fanfics!!! She's an incredible author, and I highly recomend her Sakura and Snow ongoing fic if you like Seishirou and Subaru from Tokyo Babylon/X. *this page features Yaoi as well, just a warning.*
Silverwind's Fanfics- Another fan fic archive I frequent often. Yaoi fics are labeled as such, so if you don't like yaoi, check it out anyways cuz you might find one you like ^_^ Her site features works by other authors as well.
Campus Cop Duklyon- This is an excellent series! #7 on the list are the two main characters, and if you read the summary you'll get a peek at what's it's about ^_^ If ya love CLAMP and haven't heard of Duklyon, go here!
Ueno Park- A beautifully done Tokyo Babylon page. They've got everything the TB fan needs, and then some! The shrines are absolutely beautiful and I could only imagine what this page'd look like with the creator's skill in html @_@

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