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Welcome to Avalon!

Merry Meet!

Please, come in, stay a while, visit with us. We are Avalon Torch, a branch of Thalia Clan, an ecclectic neo-Wiccan Circle. Most of our members live in Anderson, IN, but some live in Indianapolis. In these pages we hope to be able to tell you a little about us, what we practice and why, and how to get in contact with us if you are interested in more information.

Blessed Be!

Information about Thalia & Wicca

Ritual Basics*: What to expect at a "typical" Thalian ritual.
Who's Who in Avalon Torch: A little information about the people circling together.

*Written by Cecylyna Brightsword, HPS of Thalia Clan, Copyright 1997, 1998; Used with permission.
P.O. Box 120127
Anderson, IN 46011