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John James Audubon Copyrighted in 1839

As Artistic Publishing Company

"This is only 1 picture that was registered as an artist's

proof, specimen numbered 2014, as a representation

of 1827 to 1839 engravings as a guided index number

submitted to congress November 1839"

"Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1839, "

"BY J. J. Audubon, "

"In the Clerks Office of the District Court of the

United States

for the Southern District of New York "

A Synopsis of Birds in America, 1839

November it was published by Artistic Picture Publishing

Company. The Havells created the first drawing which

is in the description as "volume 12, page 359,

the Mallard Duck, plate 221, print 45, Double Elephant

Folio size" as an systematic index to correspond to the

1827 through 1838 and copyrighted, November 1839,

in New York City.

THE BIRDS OF AMERICA, From drawings made in the united states

and their teritories. Published by the author John James Audubon 1839.

John Woodhouse Audubon Octavo Edition Of 500 Plates,

June 6 1840 to March 1844.

Printed at New World Printing whom were Audubonís personal

agents from 1839 creating the specimen number to be copyrighted

and creating 65 new plates to bring the index to 500 plates

thus begins john Woodhouse Audubonís issues of seven volumes done

in New York, 1840 through 1844 drawing made in the united states

and their territories for John Woodhouse Audubon. these are black

and white octavo stone lithography that have been hand colored totally.