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Each morning I would stand alone out on the sand. There my day would start before the first breath of air feels the light. There I would be. I face the unanswered dreams of the stars, as they fade from sight. Giving up the silence of my prayers to the brake of day. There I would be. I listen to the stillness before the song of the light.

As the golden glow stretches out it's hand to touch my face, I can feel the warmth of the heart of gold. There I would be. The wings of light would spread over the heavens. Then in the voice of an Angel I would hear the world awake. There I would be. The chorus would rise with the host of Angels. There I'd be, in the mist of them. In my shadow there is a soft whisper, the voice of an Angel.

The desert sand was swept clean as sparkling stars upon the ground. The Angels would scoop them up against the breeze. And wash their wings upon the light. I would be there, to dance upon the light. Send an Angel to lend me a hand, to lead my heart through the day. I would beside them stand. My heart is pure as gold and light as the sand. There I'd stay, give me strength to meet the day. There stay with me awhile so my heart won't break.

The Angel of the desert sand would sing my tears away on the evening breeze. I would lift up my eyes and not fear the night. That gently blows my troubles away like the wind. I would dream there still. In the sound of the open landscape I would dream. The Angel and I would glide over the land, and whisper in the stars, of the land I call home and the Angel I call love. There I'd be to the break of day.

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